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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2019

Los Angeles, California, United States
Established on Jan, 2019
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"Brooke Josephson Featuring Rocky G 'Mr. Fix It' EDM Remix"

The singer and actress Brooke Josephson has teamed up with producer Rocky G to remix her song ‘Mr. Fix It’. The song was originally released a year prior to the electro-house remix drop. Brooke was originally born and raised in a small town in Indiana, she then went to school and kicked off her career in New York, but now resides in LA. She’s made it on screen as an actress as well, no doubt helping her on stage presence and creating her popular music videos. The new remix of ‘Mr. Fix It’ follows her pop-rock EP ‘Sexy N’ Domesticated’. The music video features Brooke’s daughter Shira, age 9 at the time, dancing in some flashy kicks. Rocky G is doing what she does best, getting the party started as a DJ, while Brooke is dressed to impress with some psychedelic glasses. Enjoy the video below, then go stream and download ‘Mr. Fix It’ on all reputable sites. - Muzic Notez

"Interview: Brooke Josephson discusses remix of ‘Mr. Fix It’"

Following the release of her acclaimed pop-rock EP, Sexy N’ Domesticated, singer-songwriter Brooke Josephson teamed up with international house producer Rocky G for an infectious remix of her single, “Mr. Fix It.” The electro-house version, complete with a progressive beat and dreamy synths, taunts female domestication by encouraging women to find someone who can cater to her needs.

The accompanying music video for “Mr. Fix It” showcases psychedelic visuals of the artist intermingled with scenes of a Rocky G live performance as well as Josephson’s adorable nine-year-old daughter, Shira.

AXS recently spoke with Brooke Josephson about the remix of “Mr. Fix It” and much more in this exclusive new interview. - AXS

"Brooke Josephson’s “Mr. Fix It (Rocky G Remix)”"

Synthesizers that are as large and foreboding as city skyscrapers tower over us intimidatingly as we wander the opening salvo that greets us in the first few bars of Brooke Josephson’s “Mr. Fix It (Rocky G Remix).” The melody is shapeless at first and palatable to Josephson’s bittersweet croon. She molds it under her smoky verses and relies only on Rocky G’s jarring skills behind the soundboard to convey all of the immense passion in her words. The music overpowers us, tosses the rhythm in every direction and recoils as the dexterous drumming becomes too incendiary to contain.

The hook in “Mr. Fix It (Rocky G Remix)” is throbbing and inescapable once we make contact with the chorus. Buried underneath the bass-heavy sonic ribbonry that is holding everything together is a sly transition between the beats that is being generated by the grittiness of the mix. Rocky G really pulls out all the stops to give this song the full weight of her capabilities, which have already been proven to be some of the most intriguing in all of the industry. There glare of the synthesizers is deflected by the robotic nature of the drums, and as experimental as this track can get it never deviates from familiar pop territory.

Echoing harmonies give way to big textured grooves as we move towards the second act of this remix, and again our attention is brought back to the searing bassline that strutted so confidently when we started the song. Rocky G’s ultra-physical mix is especially unforgiving as we lumber into the fever pitch of the track, which arguably arrives around the 2:30 mark. This treatment of the chorus is much more cutting and riddled with high-end groove than the first, but it doesn’t devolve into atonal white noise. Josephson’s singing is like a cool breeze amidst all of the sweltering melodies that are surrounding us, but neither she nor the music ever gets too out of control.

In the accompanying music video for “Mr. Fix It (Rocky G Remix),” the visuals are much more stripped down and simple in comparison to the mammoth beats that they’re meant to compliment, and the contrast between the two is both beautiful and surreal. There’s nothing predictable about the style of pop music that we’ve come to know Brooke Josephson for, but with Rocky G taking charge of the controls we get to really see her at her most uncaged and uninhibited by the restrictions of traditional song structures.

The gallop of the drumming in this song will haunt you long after the music ceases to play, and I’ve found in the days that have passed since first acquiring my copy of “Mr. Fix It (Rocky G Remix)” that it only becomes more enigmatic and evocative with each listen. There’s a lot of dimensions to this song that start with the production quality and finish somewhere in the harmonies that Josephson conjures out of thin air and without warning. Whether you’ve been following either of them for a while or are just now discovering their work through this collaboration, I highly recommend checking out what Brooke Josephson and producer Rocky G are bringing to the table these days, namely in this stunning new remix. - Indie Pulse Music

"Brooke Josephson’s “Mr. Fix It (Rocky G Remix)”"

A wave of slick electronic energy crashes into us and washes everything within reach in colorful grooves. There’s a pulsating beat shoving its way to the forefront, demanding our attention and refusing to back away from the thick sonic heat. As listeners enter Brooke Josephson’s “Mr. Fix It (Rocky G Remix),” producer Rocky G doesn’t waste any time throttling us with every different strain of synthesized light she can possibly muster. Josephson acts as the centerpiece amidst all of the discord and rhythmic whirlwinds being dispensed around her, with the emotion in her voice our only beacon of hope in the center of the storm. Together the pair manage to put a very effective spin on a staple track of Josephson’s discography that was released just one year ago.

The framework of the original “Mr. Fix It” is still present in this track, but there’s no question that Rocky G magnified all of its most elaborate elements in the remix. The bass is much more suffocating while the drums are far more hollow and reverberating. An ominous mood is created by the harmony between the two, and it’s sumptuous to put it mildly. The main action centers around the interplay between Josephson and the synth melodies, but there’s so much going on beside their dueling that it’s easy to become hypnotized by the additional role players. Rocky G goes out of her way to avoid drowning Josephson’s singing in white noise however, and utilizes a very clean mix over her vocal tracks specifically.

I do think that this version of the track puts a lot more of an emphasis on the transmission of the lyrics than the original did. The music is very intense, but instead of intruding on the verses it cushions them from the blow of the grooves. The mix allows for there to be a little bit of space between Josephson and the instrumentation, which makes it much easier for us to zero in on her performance and isolate the grandeur of the individual musical parts as well. This is engaged listening if I’ve ever experienced it, and what’s more is that it doesn’t force us to endure some pointless diatribe in the verses.

Brooke Josephson continues to impress critics and fans alike with her stylish command over versatile melodies, and in Rocky G’s remix of her song “Mr. Fix It” she proves that her skillset isn’t limited to the realm of pop/rock alone. The evocative nature of her 2017 hit remains intact here, and with the assistance of her talented collaborator we’re able to experience her sound from an entirely new angle. As the verses break away from the modulating tempo of the drums in the first stanza, there’s a moment where Josephson’s voice and the bass become so in sync that it’s difficult even for trained ears to discern the two from one another. Their collective harmony is opulent, powerful and resistant to any other layer of instrumentation that we’re being presented with. Were it not for this remix, we may not have known just how in-depth Josephson’s reach as a vocalist really goes, which I personally think would be criminal to say the least. - Music Existence

"Brooke Josephson New Single “Mr. Fix It (Rocky G Remix)”"

It isn’t always easy to remix a song that helped to define the persona of an artist and stay true to the spirit of the original, but in “Mr. Fix It (Rocky G Remix),” the framing of Brooke Josephson’s epic pop jam isn’t left in ruins as a result of the gilded renovations installed by producer Rocky G. “Mr. Fix It” does not center around one particular verse over another, but instead supports its chorus with a much sleeker and flowing structure that (as we learn here) was built to endure any experimental accents that could be applied to its melodies. Brooke Josephson remains the undisputed object of our affections in this track, but Rocky G’s presence is never in dispute. The synthesized tidal wave that drowns us in unsuspecting harmonies comes straight from the producer’s side of the glass, and we soon find that there isn’t a single studio weapon at her disposal that she didn’t use in the final mix. The hooks get a fresh polishing and actually shift a bit smoother here than they did before, and the drums are a particularly big draw in their own right, pulling us asunder and into the depths of Josephson’s emotional lyrics for an unforgettable sonic super ride.

Try as it might, the rhythm of “Mr. Fix It (Rocky G Remix)” isn’t as abrasive as the synthesized melodies are, and the percussion acts as the tight mediator between the two. The drumming balances everything in this song out and keeps the tempo from becoming so aggressive and reckless that we lose sight of Josephson’s incredible voice. In the mix the vocals are put right beside the engineered bluster of the synths, but they don’t compete for our attention. Everything in this song has a very specific place to sit and part to play, and thanks to the nimbly constructed drum patterns nothing ever becomes experimental to a fault. Josephson deserves a lot of credit for the original version of this song, but with Rocky G’s help she touches on a lot more ground in this incarnation, ultimately telling her most severe critics that there’s so much more to her identity that we’ve yet to even explore.

You don’t have to be a club kid in the traditional sense to fall hard for “Mr. Fix It (Rocky G Remix),” or the psychedelic-tinged music video made to promote its release. However, it should be said that listeners with a keen ear for intellectually stimulating audio that transcends genre barriers and puts bold melodies above everything else will likely find a solid hit in this single, which isn’t shy about going beyond where most artists in Brooke Josephson’s position would feel comfortable visiting sonically. There’s no inhibition to behold in this song, nor is there a cocky arrogance in the execution of its steamy harmonies. Josephson and Rocky G make an amazing duo, and this single is less about getting their individual brands into the mainstream conversation and more about expressing something unique and possible only through collaboration. They accomplished what they set out to with this song, and I look forward to possibly seeing what they decide to take on together next. - Skope


Californian singer/songwriter Brooke Josephson has been impressing critics around the country with her songwriting prowess and incredible execution of otherwise simple pop/rock tunes, and in her new single “Mr. Fix It (Rocky G Remix)” listeners get to experience one of her most popular songs from an entirely different perspective, which is debatably even more exciting than what we discovered in the original. Rocky G contributes her neon electronic grooves to the track and cerebrally modifies its external packaging, leaving its alluring center completely untouched.

Conceptually designed and poignantly delivered by Josephson herself, this remix of “Mr. Fix It” doesn’t attempt to change the way we listen to house music, but rather the means in which we appreciate a formless pop melody.

This single churns us from the moment that we press play, and the tread in its rhythms is nothing to scoff at. It would be easy for a song as sonically dominating as this one is to become repetitive, but the very notion is quashed once we get into the first chorus, which scales the tempo back under the pressure of Josephson’s vocal. Like the pitter-pattering of a heartbeat, her voice clings to the texture in the percussion and follows it through all of the ups and downs in the pace. As intense as a rollercoaster ride, there’s no getting off “Mr. Fix It (Rocky G Remix)” once we get on; the hook is too infectiously addictive, and the thrills that its rhythm provides us too perfectly timed for us to turn back now.

There’s a lot of emotion in this song, and it’s produced solely by the vocals of Brooke Josephson. Her lyrics match the enormous tone of the synthesizers and don’t mind flirting with their mood-altering melodies. There’s something carnally sexual about the harmonies that arrive in the chorus and linger into the breakdown. It’s extremely tense as we build up to the second portion of the song and out of nowhere the vibe becomes relaxed and anti-climactic. Rather than frustrating us, we’re again so enchanted by the shifting in the arrangement that we aren’t concerned with whether or not what we’ve just heard is too experimental for mainstream airplay – which, I might add, it isn’t.

“Mr. Fix It (Rocky G Remix)” is one remix that doesn’t need any fixing at all. Rocky G did the source material justice and actually makes it so much simpler for hardcore audio aficionados like myself to understand the narrative behind this song’s moody lyricism. Brooke Josephson has so much evocative boisterousness in her music that I wasn’t aware of prior to hearing this single and checking out the stylish DIY music video that was made for it. Through this very special filtration, her work is given a varnish that really makes her vocal abilities shine even brighter than they already have in previous releases, and I have a feeling that her presence in the industry is going to grow significantly as a result. Make no mistake about it – this is a high point for Brooke Josephson, but it’s also very much a breakthrough moment for Rocky G’s producing career as well. - Indie Band Guru

"Brooke Josephson – Mr. Fix It (Rocky G Remix)"

This “Mr Fix It” remix is the latest from pop vocalist Brooke Josephson and techno producer Rocky G. Together these powerful women unleash a bouncy and awakening house track. This song is perfect for music fans of Steve Aoki, Martin Garrix, and Afro Jack. The remix goes live Nov 16th, however the music video is out now! The video features Rocky G throwing it down at a nightclub, which intermingles with psychedelic visuals of Brooke flashing between the screens. If the track doesn’t get you to move, then the music video will. Eager to see what is up Brooke’s sleeve for 2019. -

"Popdose Exclusive Video Premiere: Brooke Josephson, “Sexy n’ Domesticated”"

Popdose is pleased to present the exclusive premiere of “Sexy N’ Domesticated,” the brand new video from actress/singer/songwriter Brooke Josephson.

The song offers a preview of Josephson’s new EP of the same name which will be out next month.

“It’s been four years since I released my first EP, Live and Let Live, and it’s been quite a trip,” Josephson tells Popdose. “I had the privilege of collaborating with veteran record producer Tony Berg and Grammy Award-winning engineer Shawn Everett to mix my sophomore EP, Sexy N’ Domesticated, which is a culmination of my growth as a wife, mother, and artist. I really let loose on this project and allowed my tongue-in-cheek take on motherhood and marriage to shine. Sexy N’ Domesticated is for the modern day woman shapeshifting between wife, mom, and work.”

In a recent interview, Josephson shared the story behind the title track, revealing, “I’ve always been a Chrissie Hynde fan, and when she was doing press for her first solo album, I read an article where she told the story about a punk band that had sent her their record. They wanted to get her feedback, but in between the time they sent it to her she had taken time off from touring to become a mother. When she finally got around to reviewing it, she realized how great the band was and wrote to tell them. They wrote her back and said, ‘Yeah, your music was cool until you became domesticated.’ I was so fired up about it that I decided to write a song. Just because you become ‘domesticated’ by getting married or becoming a mom, it doesn’t mean that you suddenly become irrelevant or drop off the planet.”

She’ll celebrate the release of the new EP with a special show in Los Angeles on May 19 at the Peppermint Club. - PopDose

"Interview: Brooke Josephson premieres new video for ‘Crazy Called Normal’"

Today, AXS premieres the video for Brooke Josephson’s “Crazy Called Normal”. It’s the new single from the singer/songwriter’s upcoming EP, Sexy N’ Domesticated. An album that’s a snapshot of the songstress’ personal journey and features an eclectic mix of musical influences and genres.

With an array of visual metaphors, the video for “Crazy Called Normal” is a tongue-in-cheek look at how silly and mundane the world has become, and how things that were once considered patently absurd have suddenly become acceptable.

AXS recently spoke with Brooke Josephson about“Crazy Called Normal” and more in this new interview.

AXS: What inspired the song, “Crazy Called Normal”?

Brooke Josephson: The song came about after I had just experienced “one of those days.” I remember I had just picked up my daughter from school and she was telling me about some drama that happened at recess. Halfway through the conversation, she just stopped talking and said, “How was your day, Mommy?” Just hearing her little voice; it took everything in me not to start crying. I was able to hold it together and told her that everything was fine. I didn’t want to get emotional, and on the drive home I found myself chanting this mantra: “laugh don’t crack” over and over under my breath. That night, after the kids were in bed, I went into the studio and started writing out the events of the day, keeping that mantra in mind. There’s so much we have to do to be productive, and the things we consider crazy have suddenly become normal. That’s how the song came about.

AXS: Where did the idea for the video come from?

BJ: The concept for the video came about when I was filming in New York. I had taken a break and was sitting in a coffee shop reading the newspaper when I noticed this older woman getting up and dancing in the middle of the shop every time a song came on the radio. Everyone was just looking at their cellphones and weren't even acknowledging her. They were oblivious to what she was doing and just ordered their coffee; not even bothering to look at the person they had just ordered it from. Then, I’d see all these people walking down the street talking to themselves. Normally, you'd think they might be crazy, but then they’d turn their head and you’d realize they were wearing an earpiece and talking on their phone. I started thinking about the whole perception of reality and decided to use the video to create one of my own by having someone who looks like an old lady, but who is clearly wearing a mask. I played with a lot of visual metaphors with the video.

AXS: What can fans expect from your upcoming EP, Sexy N’ Domesticated?

BJ: It's a sonic snapshot of my life and a blend of all the musical influences that have inspired me. I had read Carole King’s book where she talked about writing her album, Tapestry. She said that every song on the album was something she was personally experiencing at the time it was written. I wanted to use that same approach with the songs on this album. I think that when you’re honest and are willing to go to those places, it really resonates with people. - AXS

"Exclusive​ ​Premiere:​ ​Brooke​ ​Josephson’s​ ​New​ ​“Mr.​ ​Fix​ ​It”​ ​Lyric​ ​Video"

I am so excited to share the exclusive premiere of pop artist Brooke Josephson’s great new song “Mr. Fix It.” It’s an upbeat track with a fun, colorful lyric video that highlights the tongue-in-cheek lyrics and pokes fun at the “Mr. Fix It” everyone has in their lives - the one trying to solve your problems without really listening!

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Brooke Josephson is a pop singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA. Born and raised in small-town Warsaw, Indiana, she chased her dream of being a singer/actress to New York, where she started in theater and later worked on projects such as All My Children, the FOX series Bones, and Disney’s Enchanted. After settling down with her husband, TV/film producer Barry Josephson, and earning her Masters certificate in songwriting from Berklee School of Music, Brooke self-released her debut EP Live and Let Live in 2013.

Since then, she’s been holding down the fort as a full-time mom while producing tracks for her sophomore EP, Sexy N’ Domesticated. I have the exclusive first look at the lyric video for her new song “Mr. Fix It,” which you can watch below.

The lyric video, made with the help of Josephson’s young daughter, depicts a Barbie world revolving around the “Mr. Fix It” husband. On the origin and inspiration behind her song “Mr. Fix It,” Josephson explained, “My older brother was over at our house for dinner one night, and I was expressing an issue I was struggling with. All of a sudden, he morphed into an avalanche of advice on how to “fix it.” I eventually excused myself to the restroom muttering ‘Thanks, Mr. Fix It.’ When my husband started chiming in on my brother’s advice, I realized that men can’t help themselves. That’s just how they’re wired. Even our two-year-old son is constantly saying, ‘Mommy, I fixing this.’”

Josephson collaborated with former Geffen Records A&R exec and veteran record producer Tony Berg to produce her forthcoming EP. He enlisted an elite team of musicians who have worked with the likes of Elton John, David Bowie, Shakira, Gwen Stefani, and more: drummer Matt Chamberlain, keyboardist Patrick Warren, guitarist Joel Shearer, Alan Hampton on bass, and Grammy-winning mixing engineer Shawn Everett. Josephson hopes her “sonic snapshot” of finding the humor in the “leggings to heels” lifestyle can empower women balancing their personal lives while working full-time.

Sexy N’ Domesticated is, in her own words, “for the modern day woman mastering the art of shapeshifting between wife, mom, and work.” The new EP is set to be released in the spring of 2018. - HuffPost


Sexy N' Domesticated - EP - 2018
Live and Let Live - Album - 2013
No For An Answer - Single - 2013



Los Angeles based pop/rock artist, Brooke Josephson applies endless energy to every aspect of her well-rounded career. After majoring in vocal performance in Indiana and performing in theater in NYC, Brooke landed roles on All My Children (ABC), Bones (FOX), Disney’s Enchanted, and others. Soon after, she attended Berklee School of Music to earn her Masters certificate in songwriting. Brooke has now released numerous singles, an EP, and a full-length album. She has also performed in premier music across the US including Rockwood Music Hall (New York), The Mint (Los Angeles), House of Blues (Anaheim), and Whisky A Go Go (Los Angeles). Her electrifying live performances drip with passion and high energy, in a like manner to her song releases.


Brooke gained acclaim from her latest EP Sexy N' Domesticated, which showcased empowering themes and her witty songwriting abilities. Pop Dose and AXS are a few of the publications that praised her past record. Josephson collaborated with former Geffen Records A&R exec and veteran record producer Tony Berg to produce the EP. Berg enlisted an elite team of musicians who have worked with the likes of Elton John, David Bowie, Shakira, Gwen Stefani, and more: drummer Matt Chamberlain, keyboardist Patrick Warren, guitarist Joel Shearer, Alan Hampton on bass, and Grammy-winning mixing engineer Shawn Everett. The five-song collection showcases a cohesive blend of pop rock music. Filled with growling kicks and spicy punches, Brooke vocalizes her intriguing stories with pure charisma.  Brooke is currently working on her forthcoming EP that will be set for a 2020 release.

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