Brooke Miller

Brooke Miller

 Halifax, Nova Scotia, CAN

Listeners will be reminded of such singers as Shawn Colvin, Bruce Cockburn & Joni Mitchell. Like them, Miller's vocals, lyrics and undeniable guitar skills are not to be underestimated. When Miller sings & plays, it has the same affect as someone looking you straight in the eye. You believe her.


Brooke's career began on Prince Edward Island, in a loud punk band as the lead guitarist & vocalist at the ripe old age of 12. She later connected with music by the likes of Bruce Cockburn, Rickie Lee Jones, The Police and Joni Mitchell. She has flourished into a road warrior, touring throughout Canada, the US, Europe and Japan.

September 27 2011 sees the release of Brooke's latest self-titled CD/LP, and the first on her own Sparkle Plenty Music label (with distribution by DEP/Universal). Recorded by her collaborator (and husband) Don Ross at their own Hurricane Sound Design studio, Brooke and Don co-produced the CD, working with guest musicians based in both Toronto and Halifax.

Brooke's tunes have been heard in recent feature films (THE YEAR OF GETTING TO KNOW US, starring Sharon Stone, Lucy Liu and Jimmy Fallon), and on hit television shows (The L Word and Women's Murder Club). She won the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals' 2007 Colleen Peterson Songwriting Award.

BROOKE MILLER, the new CD/LP, will include reworked versions of some of Brooke's best songs as well as new material, produced in a format ready for commercial radio. Getting back to her rockier roots, Brooke has re-immersed herself into a more electric sound, while still keeping her acoustic and electric guitar playing front and centre.

Brooke will also record her fifth album this November 2011 for the German label Stockfisch Records. This will be a more acoustic feeling album and be released followed by a May/June 2012 European tour.

Miller's new business relationships with Dacapo Publishing & DEP/Universal, both based in Montreal QC, will help bring her to a truly international audience, using Montreal as a launching pad.

Brooke Miller lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.


You Can See Everything

Written By: Brooke Miller

They'll be wondering how this all came about
And silly rumors will fly around this little town
But I don't care
I know it's in the air
How much I adore you

I've been singing about water without a second foot on dry ground
You make swimming so easy I'm gonna drown

In your capping blues and greens
I mean
Who gets to feel this way

But it's a quiet revolution in the way that you love me
You set the sky high above me
And the heart can travel given the right set of wings
You can see everything

It's a quick turn the corner back into prolifia
You take the summer off jotting things down that you hope will come back to ya
It ain't easy
When you're the only thing that's only mind

It's the kindest storm blowing in a bigger love
We are living in the eye of what most only dream of
There is a will
Without the weight
And here we are today


Give me something I'm not revealing
You came barreling 'round the corner silver wheeling
Lit by a match of recognition and recall
It wouldn't take long to fall

What Kind Of Move

Written By: Brooke Miller

What kind of move is the best thing
For leaving you in the I don't know
You can leave the best of a cool nest
But there's no master plan when you go
You hear the swearing and the laughter
Smoke coming in from the neighbours next door

My Christina had the toughest set of lungs
She could out-sing anyone
She'd have them up on the small floor dancing
Anyone knew anyone
I hate to be leaving in the middle of this
But what can I say but

This city is chorded there's rhythm in the traffic
Spokes in the wheels wherever you go
I'm just one exception to be sitting here
Trying to carve out some kind of a home

Everyone around here lets their cats loose
To control the mice
It's the kind of neighbourhood with a few broken down houses
But it's kinda nice
Going through photos of places you've been
The places you part
It's the packing and the moving that really holds on to the rungs
Of a lonely heart

Just when you think it's over
Something new begins
Somewhere in the grander scheme of scheming
Just when you think you're stepping out
That's when you're stepping in
It leaves you open windowed
And ever dreaming

This city is chorded there's rhythm in the traffic
Spokes in the wheels wherever you go
I'm just one addition to be sitting here
Trying to carve out some kind of a home

My Christina had the toughest set of lungs
She could out-sing anyone
She'd have them up on the small floor dancing
Everyone knew everyone
I hate to be leaving in the middle of this
But what can I say but

Big Deal

Written By: Brooke Miller

Big Deal
written/performed by Brooke Miller

tiny steps to get your hands in place
push a feeling right against a wall
and try to cover it with white sound
push a feeling right up in my face

it's a big deal
but what you gonna do?
a big deal
for what you're gonna lose

double digits reach for everything it see
it makes you double takes you every single time
rough tidal on a puddle in your play ground
you're still the strangest thing that's happened to me


when consciousness met it's rival I bet
they just stammered into each other's arms
an unusual meet and the kind of defeat
only the best way to sound off any alarms
send out a military heart in the place of the art
of love and the ship that it's in
I am calling out over a tower of immeasurable din


You've Got My Attention

Written By: Brooke Miller

You've Got My Attention
written by Brooke Miller

I've been living in greyer places
work all day with head in hands
and it's hard to cover these thinning sleeves
stammering through the wet lands

I should be fighting back I never learn my lesson
when it should be sinking in
I've got new lines where I used to have curves
used to have brush marks now I've got slurs

you've got my attention
my attention's all you've got
you've got my attention
what do you want?

some troubles are worth the bitter cold bite
most days it's a washed up ship
some would not walk out and others just might
I'm on neither side of it


I had to see you cry
ooh ooh oooh
I'd be heartless to just walk right by
ooh ooh ooooh


Written By: Brooke Miller

see yourself as an airplane
you’re high above the water
below the sky
but you slipped through an open window
You wonder how you got there
in all your spite
spilling out over all of the lights

and the water won’t know what hit it / body like a cannonball
somedays you’ve got everything / somedays you’ve got nothing at all
when you curl up your feet / the faster you fall / and no one ever sees you like a cannonball

well you find yourself in a situation
something doesn’t go the way you wanted it to
even in a foreign language
you’re raising the skin under my tattoos
raising the skin under my tattoos

Tinseltown in the Rain

Written By: Robert Bell & Paul Buchanan

why did we ever come so far
I knew I’d seen it all before
tall buildings reach up in vein
tinseltown is in the rain

I know now love was so exciting

tinseltown in the rain
all men and woman
here we are
caught up in this big rhythm

one day this love will all blow over
time for leaving the parade
is there a place in this city
a place to always feel this way

and hey, there’s a red car in the fountain

do i love you? yes i love you
will be always be happy go lucky..
do i love you? yes i love you

but it’s easy come and it’s easy go
all this talking is only bravado

Say That Dear

Written By: Brooke Miller

you don’t have to listen
at least not to me
it’s one of those days of contingency

I’m gentle with foot steps
I’m cautious with fear
all on the out chance that you would be near

your mouth is wide open
you don’t make a sound
how do you figure
anyone around you can hear you say that dear

too old for this child's game
too young for this job
put it all on and shake all of it off

we want all of our purpose
to be less of a cause
heart should be in it despite any flaws

but you're heavy on the pedals
you’re hard on my mind
when I look for you
you’re hard to find
hard to hear you say that dear

a melody broken
a harmony peering
out from the chaos
and suddenly I want to hear you say that dear

Shake It Off

Written By: Brooke Miller

craving the subtle unwindings
of a terrible storm
call it a bombing or a brilliant save
over my feet and into my heart
and into my yard
where do you go when the place you adore
is no longer where you set it down anymore
I want an ocean of air on my skin
and a good gale to push me in

I’m caught on the line
(you ain’t never gonna get it / never gonna get it)

starless reminder on a burgundy night
everything in the world just stammers by
it can’t be irrelevant if it can stare you in the face
making you ultimately side
making it all out to be something better than now
and back to the place you started out anyhow
beautiful moment what a pity what a sin
baring it all and still sucking in

What You Know

Written By: Brooke Miller

when I was a young girl barely grown up
firey red temper in a paper cup
you could soak the sides and watch the water rise up
all the while learning how to swim
each town came with a small town ‘tude
don’t try to be different you don’t want to be rude
certain that nobody’s gonna lift up soon
it’s waiting for your god-given day

when you find that clear blue sky
come and carry me away
everybody will be looking up high
see that little hand wave

when you’re in god’s town the brighter it shines
everyone will tell you so
your thunder is stolen from under your feet and that’s when it’s time to go
you can search your back wonder how you got through
make up the stories you want
it’s still a hit and run and all for the fun of learning how to never get caught

caught in the centre caught on the side
do whatever will get you by
you’ll remember you were such a little kidder and a little bit shy

and hope it’s enough to get by on what you know…..


Written By: Brooke Miller

under a tree on a rainy day in Jericho
I came from one hostel to this out of the seedy city
vancouver is too big and I can not wing it on my own
but it’s quiet here and there’s telephones so I can phone home

I met William from France and he just flew in from Japan
he’ll be hitching on the highways looking for a big red balloon
I said there’s no balloons here if you wish I will share my red apple
he said he’d take me to France but instead I got the bus before noon

and it’s then you realize you’re alone until you hit East Hastings
there’s one in every town/ you don’t stick around to find out
and it feels kinda funny to be running out of money just by being there
you can get everything you want there but it’s not free

The Rockies are awaiting my arrival now on Wednesday morning
that’s 13 hours on a Greyhound bus
to heal the dents in my shoes
this country’s looking bigger every time I see something
that wasn’t there before
surely enough closing one, opens up a different coloured door

Jericho you are so kind, you’re the first rain I’ve seen
and your beach is on my front step covered in drift wood
I shudder at the thought of leaving this part of the city
so thank you for taking me when I needed some peace


Sparkle Plenty Music LTD.

LP- YOU CAN SEE EVERYTHING. Released July 2007. Sparkle Plenty Music/Hickory Records.

LP-SHAKE IT OFF. Release December 2010 CandyRat Records

LP-BROOKE MILLER. Released September 27 2011. Sparkle Plenty Music / Universal Music


Currently streaming and for sale via:

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Set List

World On A Whim
Two Soldiers
You Can See Everything
Trouble Where You Seek It
Hold On To It
There You Are
What Kind Of Move
Country From The Dome Car
Carry On
You've Got My Attention
Say That Dear
Big Deal
AM Song
Tinseltown in the Rain
What You Know

Sets are approximately 45-50 minutes. Normally 2 sets per concert.