Brooks Hubbard

Brooks Hubbard

 Enfield, New Hampshire, USA

I am a young artist with a very diversely influenced idea of songwriting. I am interested in the emotions in songs and their ability to help or relate to people. My songs are catchy, intuitive, relatable, and offer advice to anybody with an open ear and heart. Music is to be believed and I believe.


Brooks Hubbard spent his teenage years in Enfield, honing his guitar playing, singing and songwriting, all the while listening to Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, and John Mayer. Now, thanks to his mellow, guitar-driven melodies, he draws frequent comparisons to his musical influences."-Valley News

Hubbard's voice, stage presence, and original songwriting are what make him unique as an artist. He is genuine and plays from the heart and his audience connects with him on a personal level. The success of his early career has already brought recognition on many music blogs including, as well as strong support from listeners all over. He hopes to pursue a life of music and offers to "share all the love I can give".


Nothing officially released but most of my music is on and I have 27 tracks (Originals and some covers) up there. My main original songs to look out for on soundcloud and youtube are:

Not A Love Song
Live Today
Last Minute King
Summer Girl
Keep This Love
All I Want Is You