Brooksie Wells

Brooksie Wells

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Brooksie Wells' original indie/alt country music features the instrumentation and lyrical turns of phrase native to classic country music, with hints of blues and honky-tonk rock sprinkled throughout. Her vocals have a sultry edge and an honesty that breaks through genres. She is a unique talent.


Discovered by Bobby Darin, Brooksie wrote for years for Chappel Music, with several of her songs used in recordings and movie soundtracks. She later performed with John Lennon's band Elephant's Memory and as a singer with Kid Creole and the Coconuts.
While raising two kids in the early 1990s she became an international children's performer, recording "Rainbow Family" and "Brooksie's Kid Songs."
Returning to her singing and songwriting roots, she released "Call It A Day" in the late '90s to critical acclaim, and has now released "Been There," an album of all-original songs. with Comstock Recording and received raves from DJs all over Europe and Australia. Her latest cd, "Anything but Love" won a 'Grindie" award from Radioindy.


Cut & Run

Written By: Brooksie Wells

He came to her like an arrow in the dark
Saw the passion and the love in her heart
He promised her they’d never be apart
And she believed him
But then like so many times before
He got that feeling started reaching for the door
Couldn’t tell her he was leaving

He Cut and Run like a thief in the night
Cut and Run leaving her to wonder why it felt so right
Cut and Run cause he could not face the pain he had caused
Or the hurt in her eyes or the love he had lost
Cut and Run

She woke up next morning to an empty bed
Thought he might be working tried to remember what he said
By the end of the day she thought that maybe he was dead
Why would he leave her
But as the days went by the truth began to dawn
He wasn’t coming back he’d left her on her own
She blamed herself and wondered what had she done wrong
Why’d he deceive her


And so the years went by and her life went on
She dried her tears and found a new love of her own
Her heart was big enough to hope that she had grown
But glad that chapter’s over
And as for him, he kept repeating what he’d done
Couldn’t trust his heart and turn his house into a home
He sits at night and wonders why he’s so alone
Now that he’s older

2nd chorus (leaving ‘em all to wonder)

Why, Why, Why?

Written By: Brooksie Wells

Baby’s out of diapers, my oldest boy’s in school
Thought things were getting easier
But sometimes life is cruel
He took this time to tell me
He was leaving me behind
He said that he’d take care of me and I would be just fine and he said

Love wasn’t enough and I said Why, why, why?
Love wasn’t enough and he said Bye, bye, bye.
Love wasn’t enough and so I cry, cry, cry
Love wasn’t enough, Bye, bye.

You’ve got a new apartment, you seem to like it fine
A big screen television and everything still shines
You’re seeing someone special and the kids don’t seem to mind
When you said that you’d take care of me, baby you weren’t lying when you said


Pretending you’ll come back to me is like trying to shoot the moon
It’s not a happy ending when you ended it too soon and you said


Then Some

Written By: Brooksie Wells

Me and my girlfriend Donna we were down at the bar
I saw you check us out while you were playing guitar
She said do you want this one I said yes,yes,yes
Gotta go to the ladies’ room, my hair is a mess
I checked the mirror and I powdered my nise
Rolled up my skirt and then I straightened my hose
I asked for inspection Donna said I looked hot
So I put on some perfume in all the right spots

I’m gonna try every in the book and then some
Every trick in the book
I know it’s a game but sometimes you win some
Every trick in the book and then some
Every trick in the book

I’m gonna wink my eyes, gonna wiggle my hips
I’m gonna sashay over kiss you on the lips
If that don’t work I’m gonna break down and cry
Cause if I can’t have you baby gonna lay down and die

I‘ll take my best fried chicken and some strawberry wine
We’ll have a tailgate party, your truck or mine
I new when I met you we were made to rock
You won’t know what hit you when I pull out the stops

Big Chance

Written By: Brooksie Wells

Your not the man I expected
I'm not the woman you thought
But, baby when we connected
You know we both felt that spark
And something wonderful happened
When we got up to dance
You took a chance on me baby
Took a big chance

I'm not afraid to be happy
I'm just not used to it yet
It's gonna take a little practice
I'm gonna get my feet wet
And something wonderful happened
When we made this romance
You took a chance on me baby
Took a big chance

Ooo love I'm kinda new to it
Ooo love gotta get used to it
Ooo love gonna get through it with You love you
Took a big chance


Written By: Brooksie Wells

Went to the chapel and said me a prayer,but I don't know if anyone hear
I lit up a votive, examined my motives
Feeling just a little absurd
I been trying and trying and trying so hard to give unconditional love
But it doesn't come easy for someone like me
Broken and battlescarred

Went to the forest and lit me a fire
Sat there watching it burn
Thought about somebody losing a loved one
Who doesn't know which way to turn
And I been trying and trying antrying so hard
To give unconditional love
But it doesn't come easy for someone like me
Broken and batttlescarred

Who ever said it was easy
You know they were telling you lies
Who ever said it was easy...Not I

I went to the doctor to get a prescription something to settle my nerves
But it did not help me just fueled my addiction and ended up making it worse
And I been trying and trying and trying so hard
To give unconditional love
But it doesn't come easy for someone like me..Broken and battlescarred

Chorus 3X

Holdin' On

Written By: Brooksie Wells

Holdin' On

I'm saying the same old thing over and over again
Tired of the same old lies the same goodbyes
Well the days are long, nights even longer
And I'm losing my head loves getting stronger
And I'm Holdin On to your love as long as I can
Holdin' On to your love, I'm taking your hand
I'm not stranger in your arms
I know your the one
HoldinOn to your love Holdin' ON

Maybe it's just a drean and I'm not really here with you
I'll open my eyes and love will be gone
Don't know when to let go or where to begin
I'm taking a chance..I'm taking you in

Feel it growing stronger day by day
Can't hold out much longer
Till you tell me you won't go away and leave me baby

Sometimes it seems love has no reason
It comes and it goes without any season
But the fire still burns without any flame
And my heart still yearns you know it's always the same


"Anything But Love" 2010 (Indie)
"Been There" 2005 (Comstock Records)
"Call It A Day" 1998
"Off the Coast of Me" Kid Creole and the Coconuts (Island Records)
"It's th Night Again" from "He Knows Your Alone"

Children's Genre:
"Rainbow Family"
"Brooksie's Kid Songs"

Set List

Songs from her CDs "Anything but Love" and "Been There" plus new songs yet to be recorded.

Brooksie also has a program for children featuring songs from around the world in many languages.