Broomdust Blues Band

Broomdust Blues Band


The Broomdust Band have been nominated "Best Traditional Blues Band" by the WBS in 2007 & 2005 and have played all around the Puget Sound and have a following that bridges the gap between young and old.


Legend has it that the Johny Broomdust Band emerged from the merky depths of Salmon Bay, where clairvoyant mermaids annointed Johny Broomdust and crowned him with a leopard fez. Johny met Greg "White Lightnin'" Roberts, Bubba "the Unreal" McCoy, and David "Stickboy" Hudson aboard the fishing boat that dragged him from the bay.

The truth is stranger and less likely than the legend. The events can't be told on this webpage, but scenes include a crappy bar with a red neon horse, an ill-fated shoreline blues and jazz club, a bizarre gathering of people dressed as bunnies, and a place on Ballard Avenue where monkeys frolic in the trees.