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"...Brosef's live performance is le sh**. Thanks for existing."

"4.5 stars out of 4.5 stars" - The Weekly Weekly

""...God's Gift to Masculinity""

"...Brosef's music is comparable to the feelings you feel after you've shot a gun, had a few beers, and fixed your carburetor--all in a day's work. Truly man, truly music ... Thanks Brosef, your music perfectly accompanies my Maxim 'reading' sessions." - Other Men's Journal


"I was walking with Dr. Jean Biestre--another prominent psychic investigator--when we both felt a positive energy radiating from a neighborhood pub. We agreed the positive energy was overbearing and our curiosity led us into the pub. When we entered we heard the voices of a million beautiful spirits. Brosef was the source. I think I speak for both Jean and I when I say Brosef's future is looking very, very interesting." - Physic Connections Quarterly


Rebel/Monk EP- early December 2007



The exact identity of the musical entity known simply as "Brosef" has long been a matter of cocktail-party speculation, fevered fan-boy research, and intensive government surveillance. Some of the more educated conjectures paint Brosef as a loose collective of ex-pat socialist artistes, a few pose that it is a conspiracy-led ill-disguised attempt to brainwash the youth of America, and one lone soul insists that Brosef is the musical alter ego of Republican Presidential forerunner Rudy Giuliani made manifest.

While Brosef's identity and origin remain a mystery, the sounds they make are (thankfully) more approachable, if not necessarily easy to describe. At the base of it all are the songs, songs that wouldn't sound out of place being hummed and strummed in a living room full of friends. What happens from there is a mixture of alchemy, architecture, and collage: found sounds are mixed with thrift-store keyboards, vocals are piled atop each other, and any object within a hundred square feet is in danger of becoming an instrument. The end result is sort of like seeing a Taj Mahal made entirely of LEGO's or listening to the side project Brian Wilson started with Kraftwerk (funded as a secret weapon by the US military). You may recognize the fundamental elements, but man, you've never seen them come together like this.