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Dallas, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2006 | INDIE

Dallas, Texas, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2006
Solo Hip Hop Singer/Songwriter




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BroTex - Star Life!!! (2011)
Da Gutta Boyz - Star Flow Compilation (2011)

Da Gutta Boyz - We Connected Vol. 5 (2011)
Star Muzic Vol. 1 (2012)

Star Muzic Vol. 2 (2012)

BroTex - Promo Shit (2012)

BroTex & Jon Jon - Vol. 1 (2012)

BroTex - My Notebook (2012)
BroTex - Promo Shit Pt. 2 (2013)
BroTex - WWIII (World War III) (2013)
BroTex - Her Playlist (2013)
BroTex & J-Rod Booker - Double Dose (2013)
Kickin In Yo Front Doe Vol. 1 (2013)
BroTex - Promo Shit Pt. 3: Self Made EP (2014)
BroTex - Promo Shit Pt. 4: Welcome To Brotopia (2014)
BroTex - Brotopia (2014)
#TTU Nation Hosted By: BroTex (2014)
BroTex - Lost Files (2014)
BroTex - Lost Files (Beat Jack Edition) (2014)
#KushClub Classics Pt. 1 "Official Stoner Muzic" (2014)

T.I. & BroTex - Salute The King (2014)



BroTex is 26 years old and as of right now he is the CEO of two Company’s “Shinin' Star Records & Oowee Promtions”. He was born “Rodney Burnett Jr.” at a hospital in a small town called, Munsta County a couple minutes from majority of his family tree’s birthplace, Gary, Indiana.
At the age of 2 Rodney (BroTex) moved to Denver, Colorado with his mom, Big Brother (Jay), and Big Sister (Candy). Here he would attend school in the Montbello area and grow up known as “Antwoin”. At the age of 10 motivated by the loss of his Big Cousin “J’Randall Williams”, BroTex stopped focusing on the dream to make it the NBA with his Cousin and started focusing on his true passion, (Writing music).
Three years later BroTex moved to Dallas, Tx were he linked up with his brother (Froze Ony), Madame Ice & Mo-Ink soon after they all would become apart of one of Dallas, Tx biggest Indie Record Labels "Big Wheel Records". But, this was just BroTex long journey beginning as he sat back, learned the
ropes and, patiently waited for his time to drop a project. Oh, and of course! Just like with any other Artist, things never went as planned. So, feeling forced to explore other options BroTex took matters into his own hands.
Finding himself in the same position time after time and getting tired of depending on others to give him the opportunity he felt he deserved, he sat down with childhood friend Xzavier Morris “Lil Zay” - (PRES.), and his younger brother Parris Essix “Chevy Boy” - (Co-CEO) and started their own Record Label “Shinin’ Star Records”. at the young age of 18 BroTex felt as if he had what it took to take the city by storm alone, so that’s just what he set out to do.
8/26/10 marks the date of BroTex 22nd birthday and the released of his first official solo project via since then he has added 22 more Mixtapes to that count all on his own, including the current release of his little brother/first Artist Chevy Boy’s current project “Reincarnated” with a few more Mixtapes set to be released before the end of 2014.
BroTex is currently working on his Debut Album “All Work, No Play” and has confirmed the release date of 8/26/14 while stating: “this will be the best project to hit da streetz dis year, point blank period!!! So, #StayTuned”.

Available Now From Shinin' Star Records:
BroTex - Star Life
BroTex - Promo Shit
BroTex - My Notebook
BroTex - Promo Shit Pt. 2
BroTex - WWIII (World War III)
BroTex - Her Playlist
BroTex & Jon Jon - Vol. 1
BroTex & J-Rod Booker - Double Dose
Kickin In Yo Front Doe Vol. 1
Da Gutta Boyz - Star Flow Compilation
Da Gutta Boyz - We Connected Vol. 5
Small Solja - Superstar Money
Star Muzic Vol. 1
Star Muzic Vol. 2
BroTex - Promo Shit Pt. 3: Self Made EP
BroTex - Promo Shit Pt. 4: Welcome To Brotopia
BroTex - Brotopia
Street Hot DJ's & Shinin' Star Records Presents: #TTU Nation Hosted By: BroTex
BroTex - Lost Files
BroTex - Lost Files (Beat Jack Edition)
Chevy Boy - Reincarnated (The Mixtape)
#KushClub Classics Pt. 1 "Official Stoner Muzic"

Coming Soon From Shinin' Star Records:
T.I. & BroTex - Salute The King Coming 12/25/14!
BroTex - All Work, No Play (LP) Coming Spring 2015!
BroTex - Lost Files "Greatest Hits" Soon!
BroTex & Chevy Boy - Brother 2 Brother (The Mixtape) Coming Soon!
BroTex - Her Playlist Pt. 2 Coming 2/14/15!
Da Gutta Boyz - We Got Now Coming Soon!
BroTex - Lost Files "Reloaded" Coming Soon!
Kickin In Yo Front Doe Vol. 2: Dallas Allstars Edition Coming Soon!
Slimmie Hendrix - Sex, Drugs & Skreet Muzik Coming Soon!
Tru Dru - Tru 2 Da Game Coming Soon!
BroTex - Self Made, Self Paid (LP) Coming Soon!
BroTex - Black Jew (EP) Coming Soon!
Chedda Bob - Welcome 2 Da Chedda Bob Show (Mixtape) Coming Soon!
Chedda Bob - Da Chedda Bob Show (LP) Coming Soon!
Street Hot DJ's & Shinin' Star Records Presents: #TTU Nation Vol. 2 #FREEBIGLAC Edition Coming Soon!

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