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"The Paperback book 1"
1. The truth....[listen on EPK]
2. Behind the music
3. Let it go
4. Hate 2-C-U leave
5. Have a good time
6. Turn up the heat....[listen on EPK]
7. Rulez of the game dun changed
8. Karma
9. Outrageous EMCEE
10. There he goes
11. N yo mouth [skit]
12. That twork
13. How long
14. 99 bottles
15. Killian's favorite song
16. State of emergency....[listen on EPK]
17 Daily Prayer



Hidden away in the rainy city of Seattle lives a struggling young emcee known as Brotha Brown. Seattle is known as much for it's grunge music as it is for the clouds. However, under the fog an underground hiphop and rap community thrives. One of four children raised by a single mom who struggled with her own addictions, Brotha brown quickly made the streets a home away from home. "Eventually the state took me and my sisters and brother away and we went to live with my grandparents. My grandma was a preacher and our household was very religous." There lies the internal battle for Brotha Brown. The constant struggle between a man with strong moral values and an angry street hustler waiting to blow. "I found the only way to release my anger was fighting or rapping. It didn't take long to realize the music was better then jail. For the most part my music tells a story." What a story it tells! There's not a whole lot about fancy cars, riches or pimpin'. just life. Brotha brown has performed in North Carolina, New York, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, Utah, Canada, Oregon and all over Washington State. Brotha Brown has opened for some big names like Outkast, Ja Rule, Dilated Peoples and many more. he ownes his own record label and publishing company, Brotha Brown was featured on I-5 north DVD , and performes with a hiphop/jazz band as well as solo gigs at diferent venues. Whew, that's versatility! Summer 2006 marked the long awaited release of his freshman album "Tha Paperback" Book 1 whitch is in stores now and he's back at it bangin' out his sophomore album "The Novel" Book 2, Lovin' Life. Brotha brown represents the real stuggling artist, man of god and poet who will NEVER GIVE UP.