Ashland, Oregon, USA

Fusing signature vocals and guitar with the deep pulse of the didgeridoo, the soaring highs of the bagpipes, and tribal percussion, BROTHER is wholly original. The band’s powerhouse live performances are an energetic celebration, captivating and engaging the audience from the first song to the last


Chances are you’ve seen BROTHER on NBC’s ‘ER’, maybe heard their music on the classic ‘Baraka’ soundtrack or UPN’s ‘ Twilight Zone.’ The band has shared stages with Joe Walsh, John Entwhistle, Linkin Park, and Alicia Keys and are the only independent band to have played the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Angus, founding member of BROTHER, arrived in Los Angeles from Australia with his brothers a decade ago as little more than fresh-faced farm boys. In LA, they found themselves busking at Venice Beach, the Hollywood Bowl and Universal Studios to survive. Since those days, BROTHER evolved its trademark sound while touring extensively in the United States and in Canada, Japan, France, Egypt and Australia.
They did it all free from standard industry trends and pigeon-holes. BROTHER has self-released 12 albums, sold more CDs in the USA than any other independent Australian act and has regularly been cited as a role model within the independent scene.
BROTHER live today is a powerhouse celtic tribal trio. The band's legendary live shows have reached a whole new level, with soul brothers Angus, Dalbo and Drew filling the stage with their energy and sound.


Black & White, 1992 (LP)
Pipe Dreams, 1994 (LP)
Exit from Screechville, 1995 (LP)
Blackstone Tramp, 1996 (LP)
The Digging Bone, 1997(LP)
Your Backyard, 1998(LP)
This Way Up, 2000 (LP)
I You, You me, 2002 (EP)
Urban Cave, 2003 (LP)
Pax Romana MMV, 2005 (LP)
As You Were, 2006 (LP)
The Terrain..., 2006 (LP)
One Day, 2008 (LP)

Set List

BROTHER's sets are usually all original material and vary depending on the venue. For instance, at MusikFest BROTHER usually plays two 50 minute sets, each of about 10 songs. With such a large catalog of songs, BROTHER's typical set pulls in fan favorites from years past, as well as new materials not yet released. BROTHER is sure to adapt each set to suit individual venues and performances.