Brother is a three piece band who brings the classic sound of garage rock to a new high. Reigning in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Brother has been ripping up stages around the Maritimes since 2012, and has been gaining speed ever since, delivering raw, intensive sounds to East Coast venues.

Brother's members are no beginners to musical experimentation or stage performance, having been involved in well-recognized, pant-pulsating bands such as The Nancies, Organized Crime, SexWolf and The No Shows.

With their new EP, "Off the Floor" already under their belts, and plans to finish a full album in the fall of 2013, Brother's tight and dirty hits are bound to shake North American stages for some time to come.


Brother EP "Off The Floor" Released April 4 - 2013

Set List

1- ParBar
2- Big Shot
3- The Brain
4- Black Snake Moan
5- Lemme Touch It
6- Night Life
7-Dead of the Night
8- See you try
Our set is 1 hour