Brother Elixir

Brother Elixir


Brother Elixir's "What is What" is full of catchy, driving, midwest blues flavored rock and roll. Brother Elixir sounds like MC5, J.Geils, Fu Manchu, T. Rex and The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion mixed up in an musical melting pot. Brother Elixir is for people who like honest, upbeat rock and roll.


Al Jarvis is former drummer for NYC/CBGB's punk rock legend Cheetah Chrome of the Dead Boys. Al is a founding member of the riot inciting punk rock combo, PitBulls on Crack. Al has toured the U.K. and USA with various musical artists. Now, he's making his own brand of Indiana heirloom musical elixir.

Al Jarvis enlisted his brother Greg to play harmonica.
By chance, Greg met Chicago's Delmark (This is Blues Harmonica Vol.2) recording artist "Shaky" Jake Harris during his teens on a bus ride from Chicago. Shaky mentored him on the harp.

Greg has given several lessons to Rip Lee Pryor (son of the ailing Snooky Pryor), has also recorded with Stace England who has 2 albums that are blossoming in Europe. With Greg in tow, the moniker Brother Elixir was born.

"What is What" also has cameo appearances from Grammy nominated guitarist Frankie Camaro for his work on "Big Guitars from Texas."

"This is loud and harsh like Rocket From The Tombs or 1973 Stooges, with hot New York Dolls/JImmy Reed harmonica and suprising James Williamson-esque blues punk guitar leads that stand out. This is down and dirty, filthy, but well played rock the way you like it ...this mother rocks"
Jack Rabid- Big Takeover Magazine

B.E.'s "Freaker Freak" appearing on Magnet Magazine's CD sampler for January, 2007.

Brother Elixir's "What is What" was tabbed by as an "Editors pick of the week" for October 16, 2006.

Audiolunchbox uploads 20,000 - 30,000 songs a week.

"Once again Al Jarvis and the gang prove that real rock and roll comes from the heart, you've gotta chance it."
–Paul - Z of The Zero Boys

”There’s great stuff on What is What... These tracks pay homage to the rich traditions of the blues and R&B, while still exploring new terrain. A portent of impressive things to come.” –The Ryder Magazine

"This is damn rockin´ and rollin´ stuff with catchy melodies, awesome guitar-playing and pushing harmonica. A great album with 15 ear candies."
- Daredevil Magazine


what is what

Written By: alexander jarvis

WHAT IS WHAT - What, what is what. What did I say last night to make you oh so mad? Was is something I did right? What is something I did wrong? You've got to tell me now before I go back there again. Don't to see you sad don't want to make you mad. Tell me what did I, tell me what did I, what did I do wrong. You got to tell me, you got to tell me... What do I do now? What is what? Did I forget to bell the cats? Did I leave the dogs outside? Did I forget to take the garbage away? Did I fake the evening and pray? Did I waste all of my life? Did I leave it on the stairs? Do you give me forgivedness for doing it all? Baby what did I, baby what did I, baby what went wrong. You got to tell me, you got to tell me... what did I do wrong? What do I do now? What is what?

behind bars

Written By: alexander jarvis

BEHIND BARS - Yeah, why won't you make me? Why won't you take me? Why won't you make me mad? over and over people dogging themselves. over and over waiting until the next day... They say "oh, I can't do this " or "oh, I can't do that...." There they go again, they are turning back. Giving their time away, but world can't wait.... because if you really really want it. You got to really really want it you can't be detered. Yeah, why won't you take me, why won't make me. Because if you really, really want it, you got to really really want it. Really wanting to be heard. If you really, really want it, you got to speek to her. Why won't you take me back? If you really want it, you can't be detered.

freaker freak

Written By: alexander jarvis

FREAKER FREAK - It's a perfect day, in everyway, shining bright so brilliantly. Want to make you out, to laugh out loud to see and hear the words you say. Speaker speaker free like ESP, don't need to hear the sounds they make. So come along with me, to revelie just leave it out we'll go I say. We're going round and around we're rollin' around and around. I say the whole wide world is in front of me. Roll your window down, take a look around, there's a lot to see I say. There's a freaker freak walking in the street. They don't care what we all say. When we're hanging out, laughing talking loud. Can't even hear a word they said. Special special guests, forget the rest, we'll do what we please today.


"Super Sci-Fi " EP on Shytown Records,
Chicago, IL 1995
"2-Ton Fixer" EP on Holy Shiite Records,
Hollywood, CA. 1997
"Honkey's Donkey's and Mules" EP Holy Shiite Records,
Hollywood, CA. 2000
"Super Massive Black Holes" EP on Holy Shiite Records,
Hollywood, CA. 2003
"What is What" full length CD Ground Sound, Bloomington, IN, 2006.
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Set List

All original songs with a few covers, T-REX, Willie Dixon, Howlin' Wolf. 45-minutes.