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Norwich, England, United Kingdom

Norwich, England, United Kingdom
Band Pop Alternative


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Girls Are....Live Review by Jen Macro"

B R O T H E R S @ Alibi. 30 Aug 2011

After some confusion between Kingsland Road and Kingsland High Street, the girls are make it just in time to see B R O T H E R S. Dressed in black, as per their posters, the band encourage any bar loiterers to come see them play in the adjacent basement by ‘making as much noise as possible’. That’s a hell of a lot of noise and the small space is soon packed out with inquisitive onlookers.

First song ‘Christening’ pulls no punches and we’re immediately met with dark rumbling drums, buzzsaw guitars and shouty, yet melodic vocals. This band aren’t for the faint-hearted, and frankly, thank heavens for that. Next song is dedicated to ‘Loose Women, who I hate’ snarls Rosie, one half of the drumming duo. Both she and counterpart, Sophie, stand behind floor tom, snare and cymbal, reminiscent of The London Dirthole Co.’s set up. Bassist Stevie is in the centre of the quintet and is prone to marching on the spot when excited. The two guitarists, Ellie and Maxie complete the 5-woman army, all of whom sing, shared lead vocal lines regularly intertwining with choral calls and responses.

Although no strangers to the London live scene in their other guises (The Brownies and Fever Fever), tonight is B R O T H E R S’ first gig outside their native Norwich. First of many we imagine. The highly energetic performance proceeds, with much banter betwixt songs, sometimes informative, sometimes just hilarious, all very endearing. Stand out tracks are ‘Glove’ and ‘Horses’, the latter of which is soon to be released as a 7” single on Nathan from The Gossip’s label Fast Weapons. The song highlights the pounding drums, strong guitar hooks and scattered vocals that make up the group’s distinctive, visceral-pop sound. By the penultimate song, Sophie’s drums have collapsed under the force of her thumping. The girls are proudly lend a hand to fix them long enough to get through closer, ‘Western’, and then, all too soon, it’s over, and an astounded crowd buzz around, trying to figure out what just happened.

This mighty band of B R O T H E R S are confrontational yet utterly charming, impassioned yet nonchalant. A little bit tribal, a little bit dirty but always entertaining. Go See.

Were you there? What did you think? - The Girls Are

"Subba-Culture - Live Review by Sara Curtis"

Next up were the delightful BROTHERS. Consisting of three girls from The (awesome) Brownies and two from Fever Fever (one of my favourites right now and certainly ones to watch out for – they’re playing Glastonbury and if you’re there and don’t watch them a pox on you! Holy run on bracketed sentence, Batman!), their girlish delights are, well, delightful. Catchy, quirky and pretty effing cool, they bring a smile to everyone’s face. They are a cooler Gaggle with instruments; over-lapping their two guitars, one bass, two drums (toms and snares only) and five layered vocals and making it in to a real good time. They are infectious, and various songs of theirs have been stuck in my head ever since. Apart from when I had the theme tune to Grease stuck in my head. - Subba-Culture


HORSES EP- 7"/CD to be released by Fast Weapons late 2011.



BROTHERGANG is a beast; a band born out of an all-female collective dressed only in black. They are a force of hotness and equality, like the worlds greatest power couple, except there are five of them.

BROTHERGANG started making exciting and original noise in late 2010; musically lying somewhere in between Fleetwood Mac and Be Your Own PET. Their songs are tales of animals, family, horror and cowboys, woven over the pounding drums of Sophia Little and Rosie Arnold and the brutal distortion of Stevie Gedge's bass. Ellie Jones and Maxie Gedge complete the BROTHERGANG, fuzzing and delaying their axes like butter on the balls.

Although undeniably drawing influence from the riot-grrrl mentality of 20 years ago, they continually seek something fresh from the music they make, whether it be through their minimal two-drummer set up, or skipping the drums all together and opting for hand claps. Either way, it will be drenched in choral screaming and ready to infect your brain and bite your ears off.

Despite having only played a handful of shows, BROTHERGANG have already garnered support from the likes of Brody Dalle (The Distillers), The Joy Formidable, Debbie Googe (My Bloody Valentine), Gossip and Akiko 'Keeks' Matsuura (The Big Pink/Comanechi).

Their debut 4-track EP ‘Horses’, is out on Nathan Howdeshell’s (Gossip) label Fast Weapons later this year. Keep your eyes peeled for copies on limited 7” vinyl, complete with a hand-made BROTHERGANG zine.

"Confrontational, yet utterly charming, impassioned yet nonchalant. A little bit tribal, a little bit dirty...Go See." - The Girls Are

"LOVE your band" - GOSSIP

"like a cooler gaggle" - Subba-Cultcha