Rock with no limits


BrotherGirl is a destiny driven collaboration that first came together in September 2007, with astounding results. Their first effort, and EP titled "3 1/2 Days”, was originally a demo project recorded in November 2007, and quickly turned into a labor of love. The musicians drove from the snowcapped mountains of Montana to record at Work Book Studios in Columbus, Ohio. For 3 1/2 days, (thus the name), they recorded and mixed five original songs, each, of a slightly different genre from the next.
Cloud, the band's producer (and fellow band member), brings professional and tasteful production skills, and skilled musicianship to the 3 1/2 days EP with wicked clarity. Drawing from a wealth influences and experience to create their diverse, powerful sound — BrotherGirl's music consistently impresses everyone who hears it. The result is a diverse musical experience for the listener, which foreshadows a taste of what is to come on the full-length album, currently in the works.

BrotherGirl has writing style which has been described as "Lennon and McCartney meet Shakespeare and Dante". With over 30 original songs in the process of being developed for a full length album, their live performances have been greeted with huge enthusiasm. Their organic, "something for everyone" style connects them with audiences, keeping them riveted, waiting to see what's next. With Elisa's honey from a blast furnace voice pouring over her liquid cool bass lines and Clouds rhythmic fueled guitar chops conjuring funk, rock, waltz, and Middle Eastern all together, their combined abilities created a ferociously talented music-making machine. BrotherGirl has recently added a talented drummer to the mix to bring thunder to their live performances. Surely an act not to be missed.


3 1/2 Days - EP

Set List

Hour and half set; working on 2 hour set. 99 % originals