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"Rockin Duo: BrotherGirl"

Rockin Duo: BrotherGirl
By Cynthia Logan
Saturday, June 14th 2008

BrotherGirl rocked Bozeman, Montana’s Zebra Cocktail Lounge with unbeatable original music. I had heard their album "3 1/2 days" and was eager to hear more of their refreshingly diverse, catchy music. I was surprised to discover that BrotherGirl is comprised of just two people: a lovely girl by the name of Miss Elisa and her "cohort in all things wonderful," Cloud. Between them, they create an extraordinary, full sound. They joked with the crowd about how their drummer "Maurice" is overworked and underpaid, but never fails to deliver the beat (they use a beat machine to produce finely tuned rhythms to accompany their music).
The huge voice that comes out of this little girl is simply unbelievable, and lays over Cloud's infectiously rhythmic guitar with perfect precision. Backed by Miss Elisa's melodic bass lines and "Maurice's" impeccable timing, the songs came to life, capturing the audience and making the show far more than just another good performance. BrotherGirl has an effortless presence that forces the crowd to pay attention. They move to the music smoothly and passionately, as Miss Elisa lays down lyrics, her phrasing alive and pulsing with genuine emotion.
"Keep it Together," off "3 1/2 Days," lit up the Zebra with its contagious energy, showcasing the group’s extensive genre repertoire. Occasionally Miss Elisa put the bass down, and Cloud would swap his cobalt blue Rickenbacker for an acoustic guitar, resulting in a softer sound that was as intriguing as the full on energetic tunes. It created a sort of 'storytime' vibe, as the crowd listened intently to these sweet, thought-provoking songs.
Cloud pulled out intricate nuances on the guitar, keeping the interplay with the vocals enticing. His harmonies enhanced both the lyrics and the dynamics of each song in a subtle, unassuming way. His skill on the strings was more than evident as he changed up rhythms and kept the dynamics flowing, creating beautiful breakdowns and tasty song endings.
BrotherGirl finished with an emotionally charged acoustic song ("Divine Fallen Child") that I won’t soon forget. The song has not yet been recorded, nor have many of the others I heard that night. BrotherGirl is in the process of building a new album and developing their material into a full length, two hour live show. Don’t miss the opportunity to see them live now, before the price goes up and venues become less intimate. Check out BrotherGirl tunes at or
- By Cynthia Logan - The BoZone


3 1/2 Days - EP



BrotherGirl is a destiny driven collaboration that first came together in September 2007, with astounding results. Their first effort, and EP titled "3 1/2 Days”, was originally a demo project recorded in November 2007, and quickly turned into a labor of love. The musicians drove from the snowcapped mountains of Montana to record at Work Book Studios in Columbus, Ohio. For 3 1/2 days, (thus the name), they recorded and mixed five original songs, each, of a slightly different genre from the next.
Cloud, the band's producer (and fellow band member), brings professional and tasteful production skills, and skilled musicianship to the 3 1/2 days EP with wicked clarity. Drawing from a wealth influences and experience to create their diverse, powerful sound — BrotherGirl's music consistently impresses everyone who hears it. The result is a diverse musical experience for the listener, which foreshadows a taste of what is to come on the full-length album, currently in the works.

BrotherGirl has writing style which has been described as "Lennon and McCartney meet Shakespeare and Dante". With over 30 original songs in the process of being developed for a full length album, their live performances have been greeted with huge enthusiasm. Their organic, "something for everyone" style connects them with audiences, keeping them riveted, waiting to see what's next. With Elisa's honey from a blast furnace voice pouring over her liquid cool bass lines and Clouds rhythmic fueled guitar chops conjuring funk, rock, waltz, and Middle Eastern all together, their combined abilities created a ferociously talented music-making machine. BrotherGirl has recently added a talented drummer to the mix to bring thunder to their live performances. Surely an act not to be missed.