Brother Hawk is a southwestern, all original, ass kickin' rock n roll band with a sense of humor & a hard working attitude. We're loud, proud & chompin' at the bit to rock your town!


Brother Hawk's influences are from the classic rock
era with major influences by Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Derringer, Black Crowes,etc.
What is different about us?
We're three nuts in a sack (so to speak), with some original ideas, some rowdy rock n roll, & a desire to pillage your village...


God Love's Everybody

Written By: David Fraley

Well you've fallen off the mountain & you wound up in the big hole
Got you angry & you're shouting
running anyway the wind blows
& you're looking for direction
oh my, oh my
& you're needing some affection
coming down from the sky
Shouldn't feel lonley
shouldn't feel shame
'Cause God-love's everybody
love's 'em all the same

Looking back through history
find it's all the same
If you got the money boy
you can play the game
Choosing what you live for
with the best of care
It'll get you over, boy
it'll take you there

If we didn't have the backbone
then we wouldn't be the real thing
You can never spend your whole life
sitting home on the porch swing
Or they're banging down the back door- oh my, oh my
Either running or you're fighting
just do your best 'till you die
Shouldn't feel lonely
shouldn't feel shame
'Cause God- love's everybody
love's 'em all the same!


Our self titled, self financed first release is:
Brother Hawk
Last recording was 3 original songs done live in the studio - Brother Hawk "Still Alive in '05"

Set List

Original Material:
God Love's everybody
Your Heart's Grown Wings
Let It Go
Mr. Big Cheese
Time To Sail
Wound Up & Crazy
Your Kind Of Love
Sweet Stuff
& lot's more...

Classic Rock Covers:
Black Crowes
Motley Crue
Neil Young
J. Geils
Tom Petty
Allman Bros.
ZZ Top
Humble Pie
Warren Zevon
Fabulous Thunderbirds
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Bob Dylan
Lenny Kravitz
& more...