Brother Henry

Brother Henry

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"A Southern Crowded House with a Cello."


Take the harmonies of The Everly Brothers, mix in the intellectual approach of REM, throw in the musicianship of Mark Knopfler and put it all together in a pop package like Crowded House, and you get Brother Henry.

""Nashville is the best place in the world to make a record," David Henry said. "Per square foot, we've got more players, gear and resources than any place in the world."

Henry is one of those resources, having performed with, produced or engineered works by Ben Folds, David Mead, Steve Earle, Guster, Indigo Girls, R.E.M. and other bigwigs. Henry's identical twin, Ned, has carved a similar notch for himself, working on projects by Folds, Earle, Widespread Panic and Jars of Clay.

A couple of years ago, though, the brothers Henry decided to direct their musical talents beyond contributing roles. A band — Brother Henry — was born, offering up smart and layered pop bolstered by family harmonies and considerable virtuosity. Bass-playing brother Jeff Henry has since joined, as has Park Ellis, a drummer and guitarist who the Henrys refer to as their "newly adopted brother."

David remains Nashville's most notable pop and rock 'n' roll cellist, singing while he plays that sometimes unwieldy instrument.

"For some reason, the singing and playing cello at the same time is kind of novel to people," he said. "That's something we can offer. The cello is such a powerful instrument. It fills in a lot of the guitar range. It can be aggressive or sweet, and it's also fun to step on the (sound-altering) foot pedals and make a lot of noise."

Chasing Happiness carries more of a live, full-band feel than its predecessor, and the brothers hope to develop a following throughout the Southeast on the strength of the new release.

"Ned and I were making records with other people, but we always had that desire to give it our own show," David said. "I think it was something we felt like we have to do. I remember a junior high music teacher telling me one time, 'You go into music 'cause you can't bear to do anything else.' That's the way it's been for us."

--Peter Cooper, The Tennesean, Nashville, TN

Brother Henry's music is available on iTunes and Amazon.


Chasing Happiness: Double Deal Records 2005
Live at the Basement: Double Deal Records 2005
Come On, People: Double Deal Records: 2004

Set List

Set List from 3rd and Lindlsey show: Sat 2/25

Fly If You Want To
Two Old Friends
Breaking Down Again
The Smallest Thing
Chasing Happiness
Where Will I Be
Over My Head
My Gravity
Can I
Give it Up
Opening Up
Getting Better all the Time (Beatles)
Don't Give Up

Encore: She Blinded me with Science(Thomas Dolby)/Sweet Child of Mine (Guns and Roses) medley.