Intensity, Devastation and all out mayhem Are just a few words that describe the bonecrushing metal that is Brotherhood. Blending melody with brutality this band from San Antonio Texas keeps Pits spinning and heads bleeding!!!!


Forged in the legendary South Texas metal scene, Jagemeister Sponsored band "Brotherhood" has dominated the San Antonio circuit since 2005 and remains a regional force to be reckoned with. The quintet’s dynamic, unique sound is something that is hard to compare to other bands. They’ve shared the stage with mainstream metal acts such as Korn, Lamb of God, Five Finger Death Punch, Hatebreed and Sevendust in addition to slots with underground metal heavyweights Suicide Silence, Bring Me The Horizon, Despised Icon, Job For A Cowboy, Chimaira and Shadows Fall. Brotherhood was selected in August of 2010 by Jagermeister to open as the only Texas band on the Jagermeister Mobile Stage for the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Fest. Brotherhood has released 4 EP's in the last 3 years as well as performed 400+ shows since 2007. Brotherhood is bucking short-lived metal trends in favor of reinventing the principles of old school metal with a fresh sound. The result of this back to basics approach is music that’s equally as appealing to newer-school hardcore addicts as it is to their headbanging counterparts, and the unbridled fury in their live show has raised the bar for Texas metal. The importance of song structure is never compromised, the band’s music hits hard without sacrificing hooks, creating a sound that’s visceral and fierce, yet still accessible. Brotherhood’s strength lies in their powerful, infectious grooves, and heart melting melodies which help create their timeless sound. See you guys from the Stage!!


1.Colder than Truth

Written By: Brotherhood

We’ll take from this lifeless struggle this time, these voices left trapped
with our dark expectations a resigned revelation
Watch me claim this world in time immortal ourselves, lasting life
Until we reign in the darkness this day will fade no more this leaves us
colder like truth in the distance we’ll stay but you’ll separate once more
Watch me claim this world in time immortal ourselves, lasting life
Until we tear through the boundaries this day is undeterred this leaves us
stronger cant fade in the distance we’ll stay but you’ll separate once more
Lose the daylight, disguise
Gone, the blind decisions transpire calling where’s my destination, lost here
but the struggle eludes, fighting cause there’s no other way
Despising eyes blur the story never come too dead to see
The sacred forever sleeping lost to all a breathless fall
A nightmare life now solemn is done unto you chase after the distance, let
go, relieve your true calling and bow to none

2.Last to Endure

Written By: Brotherhood

Calling out you’re lost till stars bleed the sky until I take the blame you’re
wrong, with every second far too long to leave me behind
Before you denounce what you’ve known learn the secrets of war, bitter
vague description, sudden denial

(chorus) We’ve come into the last time to endure
Desolate break away
I’ve waited to collapse beneath you once more
Bury in secret count every fall
Plague me when I stop believing, mistaken and now you’re alone

Erase in vain, try once more, this bound revelation can’t doubt me further
blame yourself steal the seconds yourself

The ashes wait for life to slow and carry me deeper away, whisper softly
I wont go, the burden it long awaits let me carry it with me no telling how
long I’ll last, my desired deception gives me strength push on and on

3.This Solemn War

Written By: Brotherhood

Relive our suppressed memories calling but forever distraught
I’ll take the worst of the disaster kiss, one step from longing demise is our
outreach, wont let you follow wont follow the path leads no where, unbind
When did our passion revolt against us, tragic once lost now gone
These violent eyes in the mirror cant see the same conceive this solemn war,
this life now hollow vaguely carries on
When did our passion revolt against us, tragic once lost now gone
Unveil your purpose attain your reasoning
Unearthly cover of vacant truth consume you
We’ll brake what is built from stone
Confined, wake from your torment, walk through the blades but survive this
lucid night

7.Timeless Serenity

Written By: Brotherhood

How do I stop longing
I’m wrong but my words stay true, mostly scarring deeply
But you’ll get through, timeless story
Doubting but live while I’m gone
A passing thought
Can see me when you close your eyes, still make you sigh
A memory to cloud your thoughts
And leave you calling relive it all
Every step you’ll come along
Not with me, only dreaming
Who are you embracing, now hollow soul
Midnight mourning for me
But you’ll get through in this story


2005 - Guity of Hate Ep
2008 - Despised Ep
2009 - 400 Milligrams of Venom Ep
2010 - Brotherhood 3 song demo (Unreleased)
2010 - The Struggle Ep

Set List

Brotherhood Set List: 25-30 Minutes
1. Colder Than Truth
2. Last to Endure
3. This Solemn War
4. Building Legions
5. Misfortune Synapsis
6. Veil Remorse