Brother Love Canal

Brother Love Canal


"...Disco-tech by way of the B-52s and the Pixies... it makes you want to dance your face off." says Now Magazine, Toronto's Number 1 entertainment weekly. Brother Love Canal is unabashed musical bliss with pounding club beats, beautiful melodies, and punk-rock attitude.


Brother Love Canal is the Brainchild of producer/songwriter Steve Diguer. His goal: to create a pop group that would take the energy and excitement of electronic music out of the studio and onto the stage. The result is a gorgeous blend of sentimental pop with sexy dance grooves and punk rock attitude - a sound and style that can only be compared to Blondie’s explosion onto the charts twenty years ago.

Formed in 1998 with vocalists Matt Lucien and Leslea Keurvorst, Brother Love Canal released its debut CD which contained their first singles, “Candyass”, “Boom Zoom Split”, and their own jump-up house mix of Joni Mitchel’s “Both Sides Now.”

This was soon followed up by a performance at Toronto Pride 1998 and a feature article in XTRA Magazine, Canada’s largest Gay/Lesbian weekly. Since then, they have become regulars on Toronto’s legendary live music scene, with performances at clubs like El Mocambo, Rivoli, Reverb, and the Horseshoe Tavern to name a few.

They also proved to be as dynamic on camera as on stage, with feature performances on U8TV (Alliance), Volt (TVOntario), Sorties Gaies (Canal Vie), Pridevision, as well as two separate appearances on Breakfast Television (City-TV).

Their second CD, launched at Toronto Pride 2000, earned them the cover of Now Magazine. It would also attract the attention of the Toronto Star, Fab Magazine, and again XTRA who named Brother Love Canal “Best Local Band” for 2001.

Their dance singles “Hold Tight” and “Forever” have been remixed by DJs from as far away as Australia, France, and the Netherlands as well as renowned DJ Remixers Julian Marsh, Paul Grace, and DJ Control Top.

”Little Tingles” their first full-length CD album was released in late 2002 to 500 V.I.P. guests at Toronto’s legendary Cabbagetown Boxing Club; a unique coup for a group whose content and appeal tend to skew on the gay side. The event which featured live fight demonstrations and performances by Brother Love Canal in the ring, was covered by the Toronto Star and City-tv.

After a year and a half of performing in support of the album, throughout Toronto and on the College Scene, Brother Love Canal is calling it quits. They invite all their fans, friends, and supporters to join them for one final performance at Tequila Lounge in Toronto, on Thursday July 15.


Hold Tight

Written By: Steve Diguay

Tonight feels bigger than your whole life
Lights from your high-rise glow like stars
His kiss goes deep inside your mouth
His hand so warm against your heart
Taking you far into forever

There's a whole universe in this moment
His eyes say all you need to know
His lips gently move apart
His eyelids slowly cover his thoughts
Like waves over the ocean
That suddenly get calm

Hold tight
Don't cry
Stay with me
Hold tight
Let it flow
I love you
Don't let go
Never let me go

The night sky wraps its dark wings around you
You feel him tremble with each touch
He looks so sad and torn-up inside
Tomorrow he’ll look away and hide
But for now
He’s just lying next to you
Hold on tight



Written By: Steve Diguay

I want to feel free and alive
But not with this feeling I got now
I think I’ll just lie here in the dark
And dream you’re back in my arms
My love

I want to feel free and alive
But not with this feeling I got now
Instead I’m just lying here in the dark
Wondering how I could’ve been so wrong
And how you let me down…

I said it I meant it like it’s written in stone
I said it I meant it when I hung up the phone
I said it’s forever or it’s nothing at all
I don’t regret it for a second, no

Steady love… is what I’m looking for
Steady Love… you couldn’t promise me, no…
Steady love… you’re telling me someday but not now
Baby I can’t wait around

You can’t keep me down
I’m over you now
Baby, I’m gone

I want to feel free and alive
(Free and alive to do what I want…)
But not with this feeling I got now
(I’ll go out and stay out all night long)
I won’t spend my life alone in the dark
And next time I give my love
It’s gonna be forever
It’s gotta be forever

(Steady Love…)

Sad, Sad Self

Written By: S. Diguer

My sad, sad self is as dumb as a post and a pain in the butt
I walk so slow with my head hangin’ down yet he barely keeps up
You might think we’re inseparable
We’re like two sorry bitches washing dishes in hell, just…
Oooo… me and my sad, sad self

My sad, sad self is a sucker for love and can never stay cool
Hands in his pockets, he’s a real easy target for any old fool
I help him but I just end up
On a curb, chin in hand, and completely disgusted
Oooo… with my sad, sad self

One fine day, I’ll be wealthy and famous with no more regrets
I’ll build a house with a pool and a garden
Surround it with fountains and a sixty-foot fence
Way up on a mountain
Overlooking rivers and valleys
And the things I possess
Oooo… by my sad, sad self
All alone by my sad, sad self


1998: Both Sides Now (EP)
2000: Special Pride 2000 Preview Release (EP)
2002: IWF Single (EP)
2002: Little Tingles (LP)

Set List

The typical set lasts 45 minutes to an hour, though we have material to cover 90 minutes. The show is dance oriented, with more covers added for familiarity. The songs are:

Get Out!
Longfellow Serenade (Neil Diamond)
Hold Tight
Fascinated (Company B)
Little Tingles
Animal (Def Leppard)
Promises (Eric Clapton)