Brother Lowdown

Brother Lowdown


Brother Lowdown is a true songwriters' band with a sound reminiscent of early R.E.M. or Counting Crows. Combining elements of Americana in its rock sound, Brother Lowdown provides an energetic performance through a strong stage presence backed up by excellent song-writing and downright catchy hooks.


With members hailing from bands on the East Coast and Midwest, Brother Lowdown's sound is difficult to pin down but reliant on catchy rock of The Replacements and early R.E.M. and a Midwestern Americana found in Wilco and Grandaddy. The band's ability to consistently write strong, catchy songs with intelligent lyrics sets it apart from other fledgling rock bands of its ilk and its drive to succeed in the tough Chicago market has propelled it from tiny hole-in-the-wall clubs to the largest venues and festivals in the city.


EP: Brother Lowdown, 2003 (songs include Disappearing World, Spell, Wendy, Expect Nothing). Streams on Whole Wheat Radio and Chicago Disappearing World played on two local shows on 94.7 The Zone).

Live from the Beat Kitchen (2001)

EP: 60 Cycle Hum (2000)

Set List

Sets are generally 40-60 minutes, depending on club requirements. We write new material all the time but the most recent set includes:
Diplomat (not yet recorded)
Disappearing World (on 2003 EP)
Shooting Stars (not yet recorded)
No Ground (not yet recorded)
Quiet One (not yet recorded)
Wendy (on 2003 EP)
Minnesota (on 2000 EP, 60 Cycle Hum)
Spell (on 2003 EP)
Seth (not yet recorded)