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Matthew DeGraff and Blu Realm at Money Plays 5/16/06 aka
By Rusty Petersen

I went to a small bar/venue tonight called ‘Money Plays’ on the corner of Flamingo and Decatur. There just happened to have a couple of hip bands playing tonight. Matthew DeGraff, and Blue Realm.

Matthew launched into his set with a song called “Spotlight.” This song had a million changes in it, and yes it meandered a bit, but in the end you were pulled right back in with the message stinging you in the face.

First of all, this guy is intense. His piano-playing skills are beyond reproach. He sounds like a classical piano player gone rock-star. With his Yamaha S-80 he created some of the most elaborate and weird sounds I’ve ever heard come from a musician. His music is very testosterone-y and yet somehow still manages to be childlike at times.

Although some people in the audience will surely be rolling their eyes at his onstage antics, you can’t deny that he gives one hell of an entertaining performance. Little bit a dancin’ little bit a beat boxin’, little bit a Stevie Wonder. This guy I’d pay to see any time. He’s a young guy, in his twenties. His onstage persona is balls and firecracker, and lots of shtick.

I was disappointed that he only did a few songs tonight. I was left wanting more. The few songs he did do rocked me out of my seat. Keep in mind this was only two guys, a keyboard and a drum kit. Considering the blast I had tonight listening to Matthew, I’ve got to wonder what he would sound like with a full on band.

Now, I’m not a big fan of R&B, but if you are, look out ladies, cuz here comes sweet brother Luke. He loves his Stevie Wonder. He even invited a buddy of his, “Lipz,” up to play a harmonica solo to a Stevie cover. I should also mention the drummer, Eric Wechter, who was extremely tight and focused into the groove.

I had a chance to talk with the lead singer, and he actually seemed kind of shy and humble, quite a huge difference from his great onstage character. He’s already sold thousands of CDs, and I’m planning on getting one soon. Clever lyrics, astoundingly high energy, awesome voice, and a just a ton of cool make Brother Luke one of the top original bands in Vegas.

This was an example of a great unexpected night of original music in Las Vegas. Blue Realm and Brother Luke played music that was complete opposite of each other. Yet they were the same in so many ways. For instance, on the originality scale, they’re both way off the scale. They are the two most unique bands I’ve seen in Vegas thus far. (And I’ve seen the Scintas.) Both bands were sparse--a drum and bass and a voice, or piano drum and voice, or just a voice and a bass. The effect is amazing. No flash, no fake, just lots of real music.

- Rusty Peterson

"Las Vegas Citypick"

What would you get if you combined the musical skills of Prince, and Stevie Wonder, along with the comedic talent of Tenacious D and Adam Sandler? You'd get Matthew Shaun DeGraff.

He's one of Vegas' hardest working and most talented musicians, and he's been making a name for himself at venues like the Lounge (in the Palms) and the Joint (in the Hard Rock).

Matthew will be having a CD- and DVD-release party tonight at the Lounge at 11 p.m. He's giving away a free DVD (which includes live footage and interviews) with every CD purchase. His music is definitely one-of-a-kind with eclectic influences. This, along with his stage presence, screams out to major labels: "Sign me! Now!" Admission: free. Info:

- Las Vegas City Life


Music For Life: full length CD, 2005

In My Room: full-length CD, 2003

Supernatural Soul: first full-length CD, released in 1998



Without the help of managers or labels, Luke has managed to sell over 6,000 copies and 24,000 downloads worldwide and has shared the spotlight with artists Stevie Wonder, Keller Williams, Xavier Rudd, The Eels, Regina Specktor, DJ Shadow and Ernie Halter. With 3 albums in 4 years, substantial mainstream radio play, and hundreds of live shows under his belt, Luke is just getting warmed up. 2005 and 2006 proved to be good years when Brother Luke was hand picked from 48,000 submissions as "Best New Artist" two years in a row by Just Plain Folks. The humor and accessibility he displays on stage breaks the ice to an evening-long conversation in which the stage becomes a living room. Enjoy Brother Luke. You'll be glad you did.