Brother Luke

Brother Luke


Brother Luke has sold 6,000 copies and toured internationally without the help of a label, manager, publicist or agent.


Without the help of managers or labels, Luke has managed to sell over 6,000 copies and 24,000 downloads worldwide and has shared the spotlight with artists Stevie Wonder, Keller Williams, Xavier Rudd, The Eels, Regina Specktor, DJ Shadow and Ernie Halter. With 3 albums in 4 years, substantial mainstream radio play, and hundreds of live shows under his belt, Luke is just getting warmed up. 2005 and 2006 proved to be good years when Brother Luke was hand picked from 48,000 submissions as "Best New Artist" two years in a row by Just Plain Folks. The humor and accessibility he displays on stage breaks the ice to an evening-long conversation in which the stage becomes a living room. Enjoy Brother Luke. You'll be glad you did.


Music For Life: full length CD, 2005

In My Room: full-length CD, 2003

Supernatural Soul: first full-length CD, released in 1998

Set List

Original music is prefered but because of Matthew's years of experience in piano bars, literally thousands of popular songs from the 50's to today can be immediately played on demand. A one hour set is standard but Matthew can play shorter or longer.