Brother of Pearl

Brother of Pearl

 Houston, Texas, USA

The Band, Ryan Adams, and Eagles had a love child. Their name is Brother of Pearl. Their songs are enhanced with raw harmonies, a fiddle, banjo, and three distinct voices. Infectious energy on stage make their live shows a must see. Do yourself a favor and grab their latest album or see them live!


When Matt and Tyler thought about asking Josh, a first-year med student at the time, to play fiddle on a home-made EP they were putting together, they had no idea it would develop into such a flourishing song-writing partnership, much less a deep friendship.

Sharing enough similar influences such as The Band, Ryan Adams, and Creedence Clearwater Revival, the trio connected instantly and had a foundation to build upon with enough room to contribute their own unique styles.

Less than two months after it all began, they were opening at Stubb's BBQ in Austin for Drew Holcomb and by the end of the year had assembled a full band and were headlining the Firehouse Saloon in their hometown of Houston, drawing in crowds of over 300.

Within six months the trio felt it had enough material to begin work on their first album and were connected to well-respected producer Josh Moore (Derek Webb, Bun-B, Caedmon's Call) through a mutual friend. Work began immediately in the fall of 2010 and the trio now have released their full-length debut album "Draggin Around" in April of 2011.

With a unique vocal blend that leaves you nostalgic for an era you've never known and songs that leave you heartbroken for reasons you can't remember, take the advice of many others and go somewhere quiet and hear Brother of Pearl's "Draggin Around" for yourself.


Draggin Around (2011)