Brother Rabbit

Brother Rabbit

 Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Experimental rock from America's heartland. Moody vocals, offbeat arrangements, multi-instrumentation and big imaginations.


Since their formation in 2009, Brother Rabbit has been a project composed of creativity and soul. The group from the metropolis of Tulsa made their earliest performances around eastern Oklahoma as a folk band, gradually adding members and the use of diverse instruments to their lineup. "Listening to Brother Rabbit is like listening to early religious folk music on a transistor radio. The languid banjo and guitar chords blend so well with the harmonicas and the sweet female vocals. This music is great to enjoy with a hot day and a lemonade." -The Tulsa Project

But as time progressed, so did their growing dynamics-- slowly sliding into a much heavier genre of post-rock with psychedelic and experimental undertones. Now a five-piece band, Brother Rabbit is preparing to release their first full-length record, Storybook, in the summer of 2013. The record will briefly entail the evolution of their music from their formation to where they are today. As the band travels with their music and continues to dive in deeper into heavier levels of their sound, they remain a lively, high-spirited story-telling group with songs that just may evoke goosebumps and raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

"Brother Rabbit is a national act just waiting to happen. Their blend of shoegaze, post-rock, folk and really solid songwriting is one-of-a-kind, and they seem to get even better every time they hit the stage." -Cody Nix, RSU Radio Music Director