Brother Reverend

Brother Reverend


Motown meets the Velvet Underground


"One day, I will make a record better than 'Love Child' by the Supremes," says Bug Jones, the founder and singer of the Brother Reverend. Conceived of in Atlanta, GA, and executed in NYC in 2005, the Brother Reverend features ex-members of Atlanta's Anna Karina and Cat Power.

"We're really not interested in the song-writing of most groups today. I mean, put on a Miracles record and it's like, those chords! those changes! that middle-eight!", says Jones. Obviously influenced by writers like Holland-Dozier-Holland & other Motown staffers, the Brother Reverend say that Ray Davies, Curtis Mayfield and Captain Beefheart have also made an impression on the group.


First Ripe, First Rotten.
4 song ep

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