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"Stupid Intelligent Mixtape Review 3"

for some reason I automatically did NOT want to like this when bomarr monk slid me this to talk about, simply because I hate when passage clowns around at rapping (kind of like the “ironic” rapper who uses other social situations to fuel his wit-filled commentary on the state of the day.) because he is damn near TOO convincing and I’m always afraid that people will take his satire based stuff as the full monty, when he is really one of the best rappers I know of and a damned fine producer too. seeing that taking yourself too seriously is only good for people who make money, I re-evaluated this mix and fell in love with the hoe. I mean, the dude sings like david byrne! just like him!!!! his raps about the iroc-z are the shit too. and they kill the dance flips like a mug, even though dance music ages in dog years. this means the songs they flipped are between 5 to 12 years old, but this doesn’t matter because they are stupid intelligent and that is the name of the mixtape. click the download link (that’s right, it’s free to those who want it) to cop that hot fire and clap for them when they finally join us on the shadowside…..
that huevos vlog had me in stitches when I wasn’t revolted. at least I am very, very sure that I am heterosexual since seeing waves floss his pubes and collect his motherfucking semen in a cup not only made me feel revolted, it made me not want to think of sex for at least 8 or 9 hours. and THAT right there, is crazy. I don’t think I can use anymore porn samples on beats I make for juan and I also have to use my hybrid yankee ingenuity to craft up some type of entertaining pelicule. oh yeah #2 I may be making a veiled return to a certain golden state sooner than later. keep a look out…… - BriEfcAse Rockers LTD

"Anticon shout out"

Our friend Passage has just released a free mixtape from his new side-project, Brothers Backword. It's fun, danceable, and includes and Eazy-E cover. Download or stream here. -

"Stupid Intelligent Mixtape Review 2"

Passage (Restiform Bodies, Anticon) and Mike Busse (Chronic Future,
Modern Art Records) have teamed up as Brothers Backword on this
20-minute, non-stop FREE "mixtape" to start building up anticipation of
their upcoming EP. This mixtape is nuts. Rapping over Mr. Oizo, Nas,
Crystal Castles, Talking Heads and more. There's even an Eazy E cover
on here. All these songs will get stuck in your head, I promise. - Controller 7

"Phoenix Show Review"

So I may have found my summertime mixtape for 2009. I downloaded the Brothers Backward Stupid Intelligent Mixtape after seeing them perform a few weeks ago in Phoenix and was pleasantly satisfied.

Brothers Backward opened for Astronautalis in Phoenix, I had never heard of them so really had no idea what to expect. Two guys walked on the stage, and well... they were complete nerds. Not even trendy hipster nerdrap nerds, but IT, programer, LAN party nerds. They ended up putting on an amazing show that gave hip-hop husbands Astronautalis and Bluebird a run for their money. The energy was high, the rapping was impressive, and they were memorable enough for me to check out later.

Now lets talk about this mixtape... first off it's a free internet download, which I am learning to really love. I had a hard time with the no hardcopy thing at first but I'm getting there folks really I am. The intro track Alert the Room, starts high and the energy doesn't stop through the whole mixtape. The entire album blends almost into one track that put simply makes you want to dance. And anyone who samples Seal and Ladyhawke on on album is okay in my book.

My suggestion is to skip the mainstream club bangers this summer and get your dance on with the Stupid Intelligent mixtape and shit. - LoveFest

"Stupid Intelligent Mixtape Review 1"

Hats off to the Bomarr Blog for turning me onto the Best Mixtape of 2009. No question, (so far). Take a chance on this and download it below. You will not regret it. I’m talking directly to you if you like at least one hip hop song or have ever tapped your foot to a dance song. Clocking in at less than 25 minutes, you have the time.

The Brothers Backword are David Bryant or PASSAGE (Restiform Bodies, Anticon) and Mike Busse (Chronic Future, Modern Art Records partner) rapping and singing over all sorts of great tracks. Including but not limited to Mr. Oizo, Kid Cudi, Talking Heads, Nas and even a little Christian Bale.

The hooks are sharp, the lyrics are relevant, and I think the mix has succeeded in me trying to work the phrase “stupid intelligent” into everyday conversation. No small feat.

This is just a taste of what is to come. The Brother Backword EP is due out later this summer. Long live The Brothers Backword!! - Party Ends


Special Education (Single)
Stupid Intelligent Mixtape (Free Mp3 Stream)
Full Length (TBA)



Brothers Backword will do for the Beastie Boys what the Bourne Ultimatum did for James Bond. Unpretentiously, Brothers Backword are a 21st century update on the classic components of Hip Hop and dance music that made them so lovable in the first place. David Bryant or Passage (Restiform Bodies / anticon.) and Mike Busse (Chronic Future, Modern Art Records partner) rap and sing in legible, irresistible flows. Topical tracks like Special Education, essentially a rapped three minute rendering of the film Notes on a Scandal, wind away from convention far enough to refresh themselves, but swing swiftly back to Earth with syrupy hooks, damaged yet effective verses and downright provocative bridges. Brothers Backword swoon and holler like hood rats, with none of the outsider politics or hang ups so common to indie rap. Dave and Mike are the classic "big guy, little guy" combo. Standing 5'7 and 5'11 Brothers Backword set the stage for impressive, tempo melting performances, and their vocal abilities flex to demonstrate the audio equivalent in their recordings.
The "Stupid Intelligent" mix-tape proves the perfect hunting ground for Passage and Busse. They interact with, infect and invade every track, from Mr. Oizo to Talking heads to Nas. Fearless of studio magic, they add talk box back ups to Shannon and manipulate hooks from beyond your memory. Suitably aggressive and comedic lyrics weave in and around chopped, meticulously syncopated Christian Bale sound bites. With an EP due out late this summer, Brothers Backword's "Stupid Intelligent" mix tape is a glimpse of what's to come, but in this future I don't know if we can win this war.