Brothers Chaffey

Brothers Chaffey

 Ottawa, Ontario, CAN

The Brothers Chaffey's straightforward sound comes from a mix of traditional styles and their on the road experiences. With Curtis's cool-handed telecaster twang and Matt's soulful vocals and well-rooted rhythm, the Brothers deliver convincing melodies covered in Americana.


The Brothers Chaffey have been singing together for over 4 years as a group, but these two Ottawa based musicians are, in fact, actual brothers. Matthew Chaffey sings lead vocal and plays rhythm guitar, while his brother Curtis Chaffey plays lead guitar and sings vocals as well. Their rock 'n roll, country blues sound comes from an appreciation of traditional North American music styles and their experiences fronting acts on the road regionally and nationally. The two have been writing and performing in various groups, but it was not until 2005 that they moved forward with recording and releasing their first CD “Harbord Street Soul”.

With help from Michael Fitzpatrick (Downchild Blues Band) on drums, Alec Fraser (David Wilcox/Jeff Healy) - bass/engineer/co-producer and Michael Fonfara (Downchild/Lou Reed) - co-producer/keyboards, the Brothers recorded a twelve song debut featuring all original material
that had veins of country, soul, blues and rock. Matthew Chaffey's soulful vocal sound moves comfortably through many different styles and his well rooted guitar playing keeps the songs grounded and driving. Accompanied by his younger brother, Curtis's cool-handed telecaster twang adds country textures to songs like "Baby, Ooh Baby" and "Come Back to Me" then changes gears with tasteful blues solos on "You've Got to Be Strong" and "The Phone".

2008 finds them recording material for a new CD to showcase their roots influenced song writing and their rock, country sound. Ken Freisen(Tragically Hip, Blue Rodeo, The Sadies) and his Almonte Ont. studio are where the Brothers have landed for this new recording. Band mates Nick Diak , drums, and Dave Macdonald, bass, are contributing their talents and all parties involved are looking forward to touring in support of the new CD this summer.
“The Brothers Chaffey are brave old souls in a brave new world.” - Sylvie Hill (Ottawa Xpress)



Produced by Michael Fonfara and Alec Fraser

1. Drums, Guitars & Things
2. Baby, Ooh Baby, Ooh Baby
3. I Heard You Call My Name
4. You've Got To Be Strong
5. The Phone
6. Runaway
7. Come Back To Me
8. Wrapped Up In You
9. Jolene
10. Good Woman
11. Don't Leave Me Like This
12. I'm Still Waiting

Set List


1 hour set comprised of all original material from the Brothers two CD's. If there is no support act we can perform longer. Occasional cover from their wide range of influences. Anything from an R & B standard to H. Williams.