Brothers from Another

Brothers from Another

 Seattle, Washington, USA
BandHip Hop


Brothers from Another is a young group that just released their second EP Two Weeks Vacation. The two college kids straight from Seattle and currently residing in Los Angeles for school combine hipster with hoodrat and make good music. The crew originated just two years ago and have sense then managed to make a small name for themselves in their hometown. With hopes of continuing to make good music they face new challenges in the big city of LA. With big hopes and dreams the two too strive to keep it hood keep it hipster and produce hoodrat shit. Holla


Two Weeks Vacation EP
-New Easy Lift feat Sol and Jusmoni - KEXP and KUBE 93
-Who Knows feat Vitamin D - KEXP
-Oh Yup -KEXP
Too Soon? EP
-Quartersackin feat Young TH - KEXP radio play
Roots. Seeds. Stems. EP