Brothers From Another Planet

Brothers From Another Planet


The only Black Rock band on the West Coast looked over by the industry because "who wants to see a black rock act" they one day when someone wakes up they wil make them rich.


Brothers From Another Planet are a four piece ensemble of musicians whose backgrounds span from suburban lifestyles to inner-city upbringing. These four inherent personalities create their own brand of music with a groove and drive that's all original.

The music in which Brothers From Another Planet produces can only be categorized as "alternative soul." It's a curious, new sound in which this band produces. Brothers From Another Planet, also known as BROSFAP, is one of the hottest new bands in Southern California playing a unique mixture of alternative, power pop, rhythm & blues, hard rock & hiphop. The tones that are produced leave you breathless with wonder. Their lyrics and melodies are both haunting and thought-provoking.

Brothers From Another Planet's onstage presence has not only received positive reviews but has been compared to the level of nationally touring acts. You see, BROSFAP is built around an alien concept. Stage performances bring that point across to the always-responsive audiences. The band members wear astronaut spacesuits & occasionally don alien masks while performing. says, "This band's complicated stew of influences yields something different each time you dip in your spoon. Some tracks are funky dance numbers with rock seasoning. Others are stomping metal monsters that happen to know how to dance." The site further compares BROSFAP to De La Soul, Living Colour, Red Hot Chili Peppers & George Clinton.

BROSFAP is supported by the following: a 3-song cd entitled "New Era: The Battle Cruiser EP Vol.2", a newsletter called "The Nebulus", a comic book (Brothers From Another Planet), the 2000 full length debut album--"Invasion", "Legion of Love"(live acoustic cd) as well as the critically acclaimed follow up--"Resistance is Futile"--which was released MLK 2001. "WonderTwins Entertainment" is the band's production company which functions as a networking system for ALL independent local acts.

BROSFAP adores the fans (coined "The Alien Armada") & fans adore BROSFAP. Further investigation will show the professionalism, initiative & maturity of a band that has only existed in a two year period. Today's music scene would not be complete without its "new sound" bands to push envelopes, break rules and make music forever cool.


Battlecruiser E.P.
Resistance is Futile
Battlecruiser E.P. II

Set List

We play from 40 minutes up to an hour and a half . Currently active covers are

"Bulls on Parade"-RATM
"Bring the Noise"-PUBLIC ENEMY

we play 1 for a 40 minute set 2 for longer sets.