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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Pitch Weekly "PW" Music Showcase Guide"

"Not many blues bands channel Outkast as comfortably as they lean into deep Delta blues, but, in the tradition of the North Mississippi All-Stars, the Brothers Green do exactly that. Singer Sterling Brown's voice, as wizened and gruff as Ted Hawkins', can, like his James Brown-elastic face, bluesify a tune such as "Aquemeni" or invoke the passion of growler Bobby "Blue" Bland, making a simple hurting song into an encyclopedia of emotion. With the support of the other Greens, the whole thing feels sanctified." - (8/3/06) - Pitch Weekly

"Review of Brothers Green's "Why It's Raining""

"Pat O'Connor is a talented guitarist, striking dissonant open jazz chords and rattling off blues solos that (Sterling) Brown (when he gets to sing — or rap) licks up like honey... he (O'Connor) has more chops than a Polish butcher and plays a mean tenor sax, too...The Brothers have beaucoup potential and plenty of soul..." - Jason Harper-Music Editor Pitch Weekly

"Brothers Green's Live Show"

"Brothers Green puts on a live show where the word “energy” isn’t just an element of the performance, but rather a matter of course. When I first downloaded a few of their tunes it was readily apparent that this group knows how to work the crowd, turning music into something more than just sound....If you’re a fan of complete awesomeness, you might find yourself among the crowd." - Martin


Brothers Green (2003)

Why It's Raining (2006)

Ready to Roll-Live @ Beaumont Club (winter 2009)



With a front man that is the closest thing to James Brown since the Godfather passed, an Irish guitar player that has been called a "polish butcher" because he has more chops that one, and a rhythm section that is as steady and on time as the tide, Brothers Green is an emotional roller coaster.

Life has happend for all of us at such a different pace but when this band started we were all in the same position. Therein lies, I think, the beauty of our band and fuel for our musical engine. We were all starting from the same spot but we have all grown into men on different forks of the path. But we take those different shades of the same journey, and put them into song.

Every blues influenced band has listened to the same staples of influences. Same with rock, jazz, r&b and so forth. When we sit around and listen to music, it's old practices and jam sessions we had from like 6 years ago, trying to find that one spontaneous tidbit that could erutp into the next song.

We started writing most of our original material on the spot (stage) during shows; feeding off of Sterling (front man) and his unique ability to freestyle (sing or rap) to any genre of music, and honing our collective instrumental capability to play from almost any genre. It turned into a blues fusion with influences from rock and rollers like Led Zepplin and Lynard Skynard, from hip hop acts such as Outkast, Digable Planets and The Roots, to classic sould artists like Bill Withers and Marvin Gaye and the funk drives of the Commodores and Funkadelic.

Having shared the stage with acts such as Arrested Development, Galactic, Big Smith, Papa Mali, The Wilders, Revrend Peyton's Big Damn Band, and so many others, Brothers Green is a multi-task, user friendly outfit, that easily adapts and can fit into any musical setting.

It is all here, in Brothers Green, bottled up and for sale. Shake it and stir it, serve it chilled out in a wedding reception or serve it hot in the basement of a dive bar in (insert college town here).