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Brothers Grimmer


Brothers Grimmer are often compared with a variety of bands depending on the track.

Try and imagine that all members of Led Zepplin, Tool, Jethro Tull, Sound Garden, Pearl Jam, Radiohead and Prodigy had donated cells to a scientist lab for studies. Suppose a Stan Lee (Marvel Comics) style accident happened and they all conjoined to create a mutant band. The resulting abomination would almost certainly be Brothers Grimmer.....
The general opinion of fans and reviews so far confirms. THIS IS S


Brothers Grimmer are an eclectic mix of psychedelic, progressive, alternative, rock that defy explanation. They have introduced a number of covers to their set list by such artists as The Foo Fighters, The Jam, Rage against the machine, Muse and more.
Brothers Grimmer were voted semi-finalist winners Of Talent Call at the 02 Academy Boscombe, Bournemouth on 9th July 2011. They took their place at the final on 29th Oct 2011 at the Pavilion Bournemouth. They were also included in the 8 band line up event (1st) Bandalism, again at the 02 Academy on the 8th October 2011. Bandalism was a great success drawing nearly 1000 people.

They have come a very long way since
Brothers Grimmer have a rapidly growing fan base and have continued to grow in popularity, going from strength to strength throughout 2012
The Surface Festival; in February 2012 , saw Brothers Grimmer at The Thunderbolt, Bath Rd, Bristol, having entered this European music festival and they returned again for 2nd leg 0n the 8th June sailing through to the regional semi-finals at The Croft, Bristol on the 22nd July. They performed in the Regional finals held at The Bristol 02 on the 19th August 2012, just 4 points short for a place in the final

They play The Inferno and the Cellar bar, Bournemouth regularly and now headline for most gigs.
They headlined at The Anvil first live re-opening band night (mid-summer)2012.Brothers Grimmer played support for Sondura at The Joiners (2nd gig in as many months) and were back at The Joiners on Saturday 4th August 12 supporting international band P.V.T. They were a big hit at Harry’s Pay Day charity event on Poole Quay on 16th June 12 and many more appearances and performances in such events as The Tattoo convention at The Cellar Bar Bournemouth May , June 2012, Townsend Jubilee Street party and in September the first Muscliffe Music Festival to name a few

They Headlined at The Spotted Cow, Poole in July and rocked the roof. They were invited back several times including News Years Eve 2012, also just before on Sat 29th December saw them at the Horse &Jockey, Bournemouth supporting German acoustic rock band The Rolling Drunks (who came to the UK especially to meet and play with Brothers Grimmer). Again a great success and The Rolling Drunks plan to return to the UK in July 13 to play with Brothers Grimmer again and Brothers Grimmer will also be appearing on Poole Quay for Harry Paye Day charity event again on June 15th 2013

Brothers Grimmer are looking for bookings further afield in 2013-14.

The 2nd album The Big Blue Book of Hairytales A great piece of merch in a dropcard impregnated with wild flower seeds to grow a Grimmer garden

If you are considering Brothers Grimmer for your venue although the main arena and focus for 2013-14, is music/ beer festivals and larger venues,

Brothers Grimmer are particularly interested in playing the venues in and around Weymouth, Dorchester, Devon, Somerset, Southampton, Portsmouth etc, within a 120 mile radius of their Bournemouth base and music festivals anywhere in the UK

FTAO VENUES Please find enclosed further details of suggested fees although please don’t be put off as we understand the problems in these times of austerity and they are all subject to negotiation.

There are numerous live performances and video performances of Brothers Grimmer on various sites on line. Also free downloads and a Best of, free for those who register for Brothers Grimmer newsletter on line.

Please contact in the first instance, Jan Rogers AKA Mumma Grimmer, (published author and poet) author of the ‘Grimmer Spirits’ and ‘Once before a Once Upon a Time’ series of adult Fairytales that accompany the album releases


Who I Am; released as a single to support N.A.S. in March 2010: Download available through our website or through CD Baby.

The Big Red Book of Nursery Rants; Album released in March 2010: Hard copy available from us, or download available through our website or through CD Baby.

The Big Blue Book of Hairy Tales; Album released in August 2012 on a dropcard, available from us.

There's also a best of available at the link below: