Brothers O'Hair

Brothers O'Hair

 Denver, Colorado, USA

The proud traditions of Ireland, Israel, and England and generations of hard work in America put into song and streamed through modern amplification.


Michael (Mickey) O'Hare (O'Hair, is an American spelling) grew up playing/singing traditional Irish folk music mostly without instrumentation until the Irish famine of 1740-1741. Not to be confused with the Great Famine of 1845-1852. His family passed away during this time, and at the age of 12 he left for America. He served in the Virginia Militia of 1776, he was also listed in the Continental Army for two years. Illinois Regiment for 3 years (1779-1782). Married three times, 19 children. Basically a badass.

His son, Red Everette O'Hair, knew of the family's singing history and carried the torch by organizing a family singing group with his brothers, John, Michael, and Harrison. They sang at family gatherings/reunions, local carnivals and live stock auctions. They had a local following that never amounted to much of anything. It's a well known fact of my family that they would sing Irish folk songs, hymns, and Christmas carols.

Red's grandsons started Brothers O'Hair in the Great Smokey Mountains, near where Tennessee meets North Carolina. Brothers Patrick, Shane, Liam, and Colm started the band and traveled Appalachia playing for anyone who was willing to listen. Soon they decided to head West, leaving brother Shane at home to take care of their parents and their sheep. Family friend William Quinn took over the rhythm guitar duties in Shane's absence.
Although the rest of the band's line-up remained stable after this change, Brothers O'Hair switched rhythm guitarists three times during their tour. William left the band saying being on the road was taking its toll on him. He eventually became the guitarist for The Lianhan Shee. He was replaced by Thomas Byrne. Byrne lasted one tour with the band, but left the band during a show in Arkansas because of ego conflicts. The tour was completed with Adam Anglin on the guitar.
The band then planted themselves in Austin, TX, becoming a notable part of the vibrant music scene. A few years later, Colm passed away in a freak farming accident. The band brought in Jon Aisner (formerly of The Burren and the Blarney Stone) to replace him on the drums and took back to the road, citing the bad memory now associated with Austin.
After a meltdown on stage in Milwaukee, Patrick asked Liam to leave, claiming differences regarding musical direction. Samuel Flynn was brought in to replace him on lead guitar. This lineup only did one show - in El Dorado, KS - winning the award for best group at the city's annual International Festival of the Song. After that, Samuel left and Wichita based Andrew Burrow (formerly of The Red-Haired Man and the Man of Hunger) became the new lead guitarist.
A mere six months later, after a show in denver, Patrick, the only original member remaining, packed up and disappeared in the middle of the night leaving the band without a lead singer and bass player. No one has heard from him since. Adam stepped into the lead singer role, while the band found Denver based Joe Mills to play the bass.
This current incarnation of Brothers O'Hair have remained around Denver for approximately a year and are excited to be releasing the first EP with the lineup they hope will remain intact for the foreseeable future.


Shifters, Cowards, and Drifters EP
Brothers O'Hair EP

Set List

Current Set List (About 45 minutes):
Under My Feet
Still Love
All Eyes
Foucault's Manifesto
Bastard's Tale Of Emptiness Part 3
Bang My Drum
All my companions
Leaving the Circus Won't Be Easy