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Brothers Past


"Sensitive, scorned, and whimsically serious, BROTHERS PAST is a glimpse into the future of pop music. The Philadelphia quartet rests on a bedrock of solid songwriting, progressive musical sensibilities and incredible drumming...


Philadelphia's Brothers Past is emerging as one of the most talked about independent acts in the nation. The band conjures a new energetic sound, merging rock anthems with electronic exploration. Brothers Past has gained a reputation as a thunderous live act with an ever-growing repertoire of songs and sounds. Recently, the New York Press called Brothers Past, "the square-jawed, bastard child of Pink Floyd with a gigantic stage show." Playing over 650 performances since 2000, the band brings their futuristic brand of improvisation to create concerts that seamlessly weave dance segments between their large and varied catalog of active songs. Consistent sell-outs of premiere venues in New York and other northeast cities, along with many near capacity shows throughout the country, attest to the band's rising popularity and momentum.
Past work includes the September 2004 five-song EP, statEPolice, which Chicago's Innerview called "Delicious." December 2002's A Wonderful Day, a concept album about insomnia and paranoia was deemed "Excellent, eccentric, engrossing" by the Philadelphia Inquirer. The Philadelphia Daily News wrote, "This group jumps out as something special on its futuristic concept album." In December 2001, the band conceived Elements, an experimental studio album mixing live recordings with computer sequences to produce an altogether new sonic tapestry. Richard Gehr of the Village Voice exclaimed, "Elements has style. It's one of the first great post-Phish trance-fusion albums and sounds like Pink Floyd jamming with Sasha and Digweed in Brian Eno's bedroom."


September 2004 EP, statEPolice, which Chicago's Innerview called "Delicious."
A Wonderful Day, the band's December 2002 full-length CD, was deemed "Excellent, eccentric, engrossing" by The Philadelphia Inquirer. 2001 the band conceived Elements, a daring and experimental recording weaving live, computer, and studio tracks to create an altogether new sonic tapestry.

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"Philadelphia-based electro-rock band Brothers Past ain’t your typical rock band at all. The quartet works off an energetic sound rich with heavy guitar riffs, spazz-out drum beats, and bleepy digital audio manipulations. It’s ambitious, high-minded, conceptual stuff aiming for the same heights at which Pink Floyd, Brian Eno, and Radiohead set their sights." -- BY: T. BALLARD LESEMANN, The Charleston City Paper