Brothers Quetico

Brothers Quetico


We step out of the house to find the most interesting people we can, and play for them with as much intensity as our bodies will allow, nearly destroying ourselves to make every note more poignant than the last. Sometimes less is more, and sometimes dissonance is sweet.


What really sets us apart from other bands is our relentless use of odd times, signatures, and tempos as tools to create phrases that come together in very non-traditional ways, but yet remain quite memorable. In a Rift Magazine review, publisher Rich Horton qualifies this by saying "“For me, the band's most effective element is the sharp manipulation of melody, leaving brilliant little musical outbursts stuck in your head". I guess we're a little proud of that.

Otherwise, as kids we all listened to lots of folk, and 3 of us started music in school orchestra, so our influences ranged from Mendelssohn, to Nick Drake, to Leonard Cohen, then later on to Minutemen and everything Mike Watt has ever done, and Fugazi, and the Pixies, and of course course dreamers like Bedhead, Low, and Sonic Youth.

We always listened to a lot of stuff and just kept looking for new ways to put things together. We're still trying real hard, and loving the work.


Quid bro quo LP - 2006
Folk art is the new regular art LP - 2007
*unnamed LP* - planned 2008

Tracks #2 "Sycophant Odyssey"
#3 "Regal, regal"
#6 "Ugh, I'm so tired of zombie dreams"

from Quid bro quo LP all received medium to heavy air play on college stations in midwest and upper east coast during summer/fall 2007

Set List

Second rate bad lands
Regal regal
Folk art is the new regular art
Above it or in it
Boon companion
Double-dutch mayhem
Quasi-legal murder wagon

approx. 30 minutes - we consciously keep sets short, and as a result we regularly get asked to play more, and often times we get a great response with people coming up to talk to us afterwards wanting to know where they can hear more.