Brother Tree

Brother Tree

 Collinsville, Alabama, USA

New collides with old in this guitar driven merger of 70s rock and 90s grunge with a tip of the hat along the way to Crazy Horse and Nirvana. Mix in doses of protest, love’s labors lost, sprinkle liberally with feedback, and you have the roots that form the 21st Century rock band Brother Tree.


As individuals, the members of Brother Tree come from varied musical backgrounds. The drummer"Amy" grew up during the grunge scene,fell in love, never fell out. Donnie adds many years of songwriting and guitar experience to the band Jarrod, on lead guitar grew up playing Bluegrass and brings a new style of lead guitar to the stage. Jason has the control of a master on bass. and Jay C. pulls that Jerry Garcia sound out of his guitar.Makes you wonder what's next.


Our 1st LP entitled "Taking Root"
has brought the band many thousand fans around the globe. We are in the studio Feb. and March 2010 working on the upcoming album and the single "Protest Song" The single due to release the 1st of April, with the album following in July. We have 2 songs on 46 college radio stations and many of our songs are in rotation on internet radio.

Set List

Set list includes This Is War,Passing Time,Go Downtown,We Bought It Saving Grace,[Tom Petty] The Years, [Cross Canadian Ragweed] Like a Hurricane,[Neil Young]. Francine [ZZ Top]