Brother Wanamaker

Brother Wanamaker

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Brother Wanamaker has a mostly instrumental jazz/ funk/ soul sound that gets people dancing We play covers from Jackson Five and the Beatles to old soul tunes like Booker T and the MG's and the Meters.


Brother Wanamaker came about from relationships built at the Northern Kentucky University Music Department. With all members attending NKU at the same time and living in the Cincinnati area, it was easy for them to start jamming together. Chris(guitar) and Zac (drums) played jazz gigs together in the past and the Wanamaker brothers wanted to start a high energy soul/ funk band. They all loved the older funk groups like the Meters and Booker T and the MG's and newer bands like Soulive and Galactic. Though they are influenced and cover songs these groups Brother Wanamaker definitely have their own sound. Often taking popular tunes like Oh Darling (the Beatles) and Crosstown Traffic ( Jimi Hendrix) and playing them as fun instrumentals. Like the Meters they like to connect songs and have sag ways to keep the show going strong. Some of the original songs have a more modern rock/ jam band feel but still have a thumping groove. Chris Wanamaker also plays Keyboard on some songs giving the band double key sound that very original. With grand piano, clavinet, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, and organs sounds; the double keyboard songs rarely sound alike. One last thing, they are good at reading and reacting to a crowd. With a wide range a music, they can play almost anywhere and get a great reaction.

Set List

We can play a hour to two hour long sets and we can change some of the style and feel depending on the show. Such as playing lighter jazz/ funk for the first set at a restaurant/bar and then picking things up as the night goes on; or playing more blues and soul type tunes at a Blues or Gospel Fest.

Set List example
Uncle Jr
I Want You Back
Brown at Home> (2 Keys)
Stingray> (2 Keys)
Cissy Strut
Dirty Surf
M87 (2 Keys)
Luigi (2 Keys)
Crosstown Traffic
Oh Darling

Cover Songs
Crosstown Traffic- J. Hendrix
Oh Darling- the Beatles
Uncle jr, Right On- Soulive
Watermelon Man- H. Hancock
In 3's- Beastie Boys
Green Onions, Checkin Pox- Booker T & the MG's
I Want You Back, Who's Lovin' You- Jackson5
Browns at Home- Greyboy All Stars
Cissy Strut- The Meters
Stingray- Funk Brothers