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Broto Roy Quartet

Falls Church, VA

Falls Church, VA
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"Broto Roy - American Raga"

A note on the cover of tabla player Broto Roy’s new recording, “American Raga,” explains, “All of the instrumental music on this album is inspired by Indian ragas and jazz.” That alone may be enough to put off some listeners who’ve been disappointed by other forms of jazz fusion, whether they were championed by classical music or world beat advocates.
Yet, unlike many of those trendy experiments, nothing seems half-baked on “American Raga”. The emphasis, after all, is on improvisation, and since that’s a subject Roy and his collaborators are well-versed in, their performances seem to flow naturally, like conversations between old friends. So much so, in fact, that it’s easy to lose sight of the different cultural forces at work here or the intricately structured ragas that inspired the fluid exchanges between the players. A case in point is “The Reason Why”, which finds Roy collaborating with guitarist Paul Bollenback and soprano saxophonist Carl Grubbs on both a spiritual and visceral level. - Washington Post


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In the mid '80s Broto Roy (an EMI-India
recording artist) began composing and recording a genre of music he calls
“Raga-Jazz”, an amalgam of ancient Indian ragas
(melodies), talas (rhythms) and
western Jazz.  His mastery over the
complex, formalized rhythms of his native India combined with his deep
appreciation and understanding of the Jazz idiom led the Washington Post to declare
his music “spiritual and visceral”
He was Artist in Residence at the Kennedy Center’s inauguration of their
Millennium Stage.  His CD “Total
Immersion” is only the second live recording sanctioned by the Kennedy Center
for public release (the first was by Pavarotti).  His debut CD “American Raga” was played
aboard the International Space Station when Dennis Tito carried it with him as
he orbited the earth.  His Broto
Roy Quartet
, consisting of sitar, tabla drums, tenor sax and electric
bass, recently released their CD “Ancient Algorithms”.

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