Brown Eyed Deception

Brown Eyed Deception


Tears, sweat, passion...look into the eyes of their fans and feel what Brown Eyed Deception is about. Watch their crowd rush to be apart of the too are drawn in by the magnetic force. Move to the beat, rock your head, scream. BED....The epidemic has begun.


Date: March 2003

One day in Las Vegas, John, Kyle, and Cheyne met to discuss thoughts about starting a musical ensemble. So was born Brown Eyed Deception.

A few shows later, Jacob Kirkegard joined officially when he had to fill in for the other bass player. Five months later, they played a show with their archrival ---The Murder Ballad. Impressed with the group’s guitar player, Logan, BED persuaded him to join the band. The line-up was now complete.

Date: May 2004

After playing some shows, graduating high school, and funding their savings accounts, BED was geared up to go.... somewhere. With their newly acquired RV, hundreds of burnt cds, and determination the group headed East. Now, they have seen the likes of both southern California and Long Island, having toured nationally and regionally a number of times.

Date: March 2005

Drawing crowds of hundreds around the country and 500+ in their hometown, with a simple listen, the reason why they stand out becomes clear.

Their music chills the audience, a catharsis which, no matter whether live or on recording, is undeniably real. Replenishing a seeming sickened thirst, BED’s fans breathe the music in for what its worth, soaking up the passion and zeal that explodes from each of the band members.

2005 will be promising for BED, as they hit the studio, record a DVD, and plan for more tours to fill the year. With past experiences to draw from and thousands of ears still unacquainted, BED will soon enough have everyone rapt and rocking.



Zeus, The Motherf*cker
Time to Point Fingers
He's Been DEAD for Decades and He's Still Causing Trouble
I'm the Effect
Gotham City says Stephan Davis

Compilation CD 3/2005

Extreme Thing Sampler 2005
w/ Unwritten Law, Rise Against, Brown Eyed Deception, mad Caddies, Lit, The Matches, Denver Harbor, Plain White T's, The static Age, Tsunami Bomb, Terror, Ignite, Sing the Body Electric

DEMO 3/2004

Sway Like You Knew Everything Was Worth It (radio play in St George (Ut), College Station (Tx), Flagstaff (Az), Las Vegas (Nv), Washington Dc, Seattle (Wa)
Dreams Subtract the Distance
The Golden Gate Has nothing On Me
The Murderous Way She Speaks

Set List

Time to Point Fingers
i'm the Effect
Zeus, the Motherf*cker
He's Been DEAD for Decades and He's Still Causing Trouble
Gotham City says Stephan Davis
The Actress