Brown Fox

Brown Fox


We are songwriters based in London/Oxford who write wonderous and sometimes strange but always melodious pop music. We met at art college and our music remains in that spirit of improvisation and invention whilst holding tight to a love of a great hook.


Jo and Russ met at Dartington College in Devon, England. An institution known for producing Eclectic, interesting artists in all fields. It wasn't until after various collaborations in London that Brown Fox was formed. This came about through sessions where they wrote prolifically often through improvised scenarios. It became apparent early on that material wasn't going to be a problem. They now have over 100 songs at their disposal. Gigs are always entertaining Jo is a natural extrovert and extreme performer. To this day songs are left open ended to encourage improvisation. Its not unusual for songs to be made up at gigs. This has to be seen to be believed as often we are talking about fully formed songs that remain unchanged in the set to this day. Brown Fox have tended to organise their own events to allow them to play more interesting venues but they are always asked back partly due to a committed live following. They are now spreading their wings to play further afield at interesting venues and festivals. They are also interested in securing help from management/promoters.



Set List

due to an abundance of material we can play any length of set from a short half hour set to an evenings entertainment. Our last Gig at Oxford Arts Festival was a 10 song set: Pray, James and John, Its You , Mr Pruce, Man, Patience, Martha Lucia and John , Julia, Beautiful Girls. Matinee Love. This set lasted about 30-40 minutes.