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Netanya, Central District, Israel | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Netanya, Central District, Israel | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Duo Pop Dream Pop




"BROWNIES- bandsrising"

Brownies Interview

I really love getting to know bands and musicians around the world! Besides opening doors for new travel opportunities, you get the chance to learn about new cultures. The internet exposes us to new music and cultures that we would never have an opportunity to experience, unless we were world travelers, and I’m glad can help make that happen.

Brownies are a band from Israel, a part of the world where I’ve never been, and all I see about it are war updates on CNN. It’s really refreshing to know that it’s not all guns and bombs, and there is music being played there.
Tony Coke: Who are the Brownies? Why do you create music? Give us a quick history run down.

Brownies: Brownies are a band that was formed in 2006 . Today there are 2 members. Efrat Darky and Oded Adar.
We are from Israel. In a village called Bat Hen. We create music because it’s our call. We do believe this is our mission on planet earth. That’s why we are so observant in our songs and melody and lyrical vibration.

Tony Coke: I think it’s so great to see musician emerging from other countries. What is the music scene like locally in Israel?

Brownies: There is a huge amount of musicians that create in English and touring around the world. We are cooperating with musicians from other places as well .

Tony Coke: How have political conflicts with other countries effected your music and other musicians in Israel?

Brownies: Music has no borders at all. We come with our wide open intentions and we get many fans from many countries. Including Iran. Of course there are some exceptions. Yet there are so little I wouldn’t like to give them the stage.

Tony Coke: Are the majority of your fans located near you, or have you been able to target other markets with the internet?

Brownies: Good question mate. Well. our fans comes by the hundreds from South America ESPECIIALY due to a TV series “SPLIT” that we are in, in it’s SOUNTRACK. Yet you can also see fans from Hong Kong, France, ECT…


Tony Coke: Wow that’s awesome!! Congratulations on the song placement. What are your current goals and what is coming up next for Brownies?

Brownies: We really like to vibrate as much as we can dream. We do dream big☺ yet we are having our next album in Hebrew. We love touring so Hebrew will be easier. So far we traveled with our music to Germany and Gibraltar. We are aiming to tour as much as we can.

Tony Coke: Very cool! Such a pleasure talking with you from around the globe. Best of luck to the Brownies.

You hear the Brownies catalog of music on Bandcamp.

Also, check out their YouTube channel:

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The Brownies, who since 2011are made up of Efrat Darky – Lead Singer, Oded Ader – Bass, Guitars & Vocals , and Noam Friedrich– Drums, have been performing live across Israel since 2006. A few of the songs from their first album found its way into international feature films in Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Israel.

Listening to the Brownies, at least on “Desert Island”, is like having your worst fears confirmed and gaining peace of mind from acceptance: sometimes you just have to lie back and sink into the arms of despair, let it soothe you and go to sleep. Efrat Darky’s voice is sweet and pure, and seems to simultaneously hold the promise of eternal beauty and eternal sadness.

She is absolutely wonderful; her voice can reach into the heart and into the soul. Her vocals grab hold and they do not let go. If you have never lost a lover in the most unbearable of circumstances, you will feel as though you have, after listening to “Desert Island”.

The Brownies are so much more than just voices, lyrics and instruments. They create feelings and images in your mind, especially some of the songs from their upcoming album, of which I have heard 3 tracks so far. They make powerful music and if you’re listening closely it may take you off guard.

The music on the upcoming “Desert Island” album, according to the band, is closely related to the world of adventure and imagination, and the band originally planned to release an animation movie along-side the album. Right now they are reworking their adventure into a book which they will share in the future.

The Brownies combine dreamy, sensitive, surreal moods with a rock edge and exquisite lyrics. Their songs are all little jewels that reveal new and exciting shades and colors on repeat listening. As songwriters, Efrat Darky and Oded Adar will soon be receiving the accolades they so obviously deserve. Their songs having an emotional resonance rarely heard so freely today.

If you’ve been looking for a way into the realms of rock influenced, dream-pop, alternative-electro or even borderline trip hop, “Desert Island”, is definitely one of the best routes to take. Alternatively, if you’ve grown tired of other artists within these genres that are too heavy, too focused on dance beats and circuitous synth rhythms, this band is a unique escape from those. Either way, it is virtuosic in its context and entirely worth checking out.

The music throbs slowly but insistently, snatches of melody drawing you in, the beat stimulating but relaxing at the same time.The Brownies have character, variety and of course, great songs of simple and pure idea, and emotion, but with deep detailed layers of musical construction. It appeals to all the desires you may have for music… it is primal, seductive, creative, smart and rocking! - Posted By: Rick Jamm


Fool - in the Abraxas Mix, 2007
Album : Brownies - Home made recipe - 2008
Single Tracks:
Frozen - an album track in Art of work in cooperation with Psycraft, 2009.
Slipping Away - in the Mixtape Vol.1 collection (UK), 2009

Line of Fire" - album Blue Moon", produced in Ohio,
Dancing - 2010 Participant in start-ab a European Remix

Planet HELP - 2011

zman lehitorer - 2011

FROZEN - 2012

M20SRV- ep - 2013





Hailing from Bat Hen, Israel, Brownies band is an eclectic band whose sound falls somewhere in between indie pop and electronica; 

Find out more and let the music tell you the story!

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