Brown Singers

Brown Singers


Our music is life-changing! What comes from the heart reaches the heart.It's about everyday people save and unsave trying to make. We just encourage the soul, mind and spririt to trust God on this journey.


We started on this journey about 30 years ago. We've went through many transitions. We 've suffered the lost of members, but throught it all we've managed to do one thing. That is let our lives show strong through our music. We sing about personal situations that all walks of life can relate to young and old. People are intrigued to see our energy and power. We are like no other. Our live experience is that of electrifying holyghost power, annointing and real. So come on and put on your shouting shoes as we go to Zion.


1987- Trying To Live The Right Life
1992- Jesus Is Good News
1995- Live In Memphis
2003- Generations-You Can Make It

Set List

This Is our typical set which normally last about 45 mins to and hour.

Jesus Is On The Main Line
Let Me Tell It
Work On Me
Sweet Jesus
You Can Make It