Brown Sneakers

Brown Sneakers

 Odessa, Texas, USA

Feel good music! Tailor made original music with smooth guitar work, thumping bass lines & funky rhythms. Retro vibe, rawness, & jam-based grooves.

Brown Sneakers...with soul!


Brown Sneakers

Four-piece band Brown Sneakers produces unique, funky, dynamic, and detailed music that brilliantly captures life's diverse rhythms. Equally vibrant in the studio and on stage, this cohesive West Texas quartet comprised of Adrian Gonzales (guitar/lead vocals), Aaron Gonzales (drums), Aiden Villa (guitar), and Mark Lowe (bass) shares energetic experiences with their audiences that resonate with each member's undeniable passion for his instrument. Their creative and confident live shows evoke the funky, soulful and guitar-driven spirit of innovators that have inspired them, including Prince, Curtis Mayfield, and Santana and exhibit the technical proficiency and improvisational skills of jazz icons like Tito Puente and the raw vitality of the Tejano superstar Little Joe y la Familia. And their richly-textured albums display deep songwriting talents, reminiscent of modern masters like Raphael Saadiq, Gavin Degraw and the Mars Volta. Each of Brown Sneakers' lively tunes naturally fuse together into albums and performances that are singular, emotive works of art, exploding with complex lyrics, harmonies and a solid rhythmic foundation.

Founding members and brothers Adrian and Aaron have always been moved by diverse music- from jazz, to classic rock, to blues and deeply-spiritual music-which they heard in abundance during their formative years in their home, their community and at church. Raised by a father who was a member of a Tejano band throughout the 60's and 70's and a mother who was an accomplished church pianist, they were each instantly compelled to experiment with instruments. Though 11 years apart, they have always easily united to play music, developing their unique musical strengths both individually and together. Already seasoned performers at a young age, appearing regularly in church and at local clubs starting in their teen years, they officially formed Brown Sneakers in 2008, intensifying their sound by adding gifted instrumentalists Aiden Villa and Mark Lowe.

Brown Sneaker's first official EP, Watercolors was released in 2011. The group continues to maintain an ambitious schedule of exhilarating live shows, playing regularly in their home state. Their newest EP, Clements and Dixie released in September 2012 and is available NOW.



Written By: Adrian Gonzales

Just my feeling. Just my attitude. On this paper I can make it all brand new.


2011- Water Colors

2012-Clements & Dixie

Set List

Damn Good Time
Miss You Too Much
Incognito Girl
69' GTO
Santa Elena
My Job is Done Here
Summertime In Love
Living It Up
Whatever it is
Naughty Smile

She talks to Angels
Born on a Bad Sign
Big Legged Woman
Neon Moon
Evil Ways
Brick In The Wall