:brownstudy (Jason Hogans)

:brownstudy (Jason Hogans)

 Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
SoloHip HopTechno

Hip hop/electronic artist from Detroit known for intricate, thoughtful raps, engaging hooks and high energy performances over experimental, room-rumbling beats. Signed to UK label Third Ear.


Hogans first impacted through Detroits electronic
music scene, impressively debuting on Carl Craig's
Planet E in 98 with an EP called Peter And The
Rooster. But his most enticing identity came after his
experimentations with folk, cut & paste, minimal,
punk, ambient, glitch, soul, reggae/dub, jazz, hip hop
and prog-whatever. Debut album Tell Me More About
Bubbles in 2005 under the new moniker :Brownstudy came
out on Third Ear Recordings. Jason returns to Third
Ear for this next LP, Life Well Lived, with 11 tracks
that further showcase his polyrhythmic and
experimental sound.

:Brownstudy (don't ignore the :colon) covers all
styles in trying to convey what he wants to say. "I've
been doing music in some way since elementary school
says Hogans. Violin, trumpet, piano/keys,
electronics, percussion, vocals, etc. Some formal
training (classical theory, jazz theory, jazz improv,
sight singing/ear training, creative writing), but
ultimately relying on my ear & heart.

The record features some truly nonsecular sounds,
steeped in impressive analog blends. His masterful and
quirky thesis in beat programming particularly
notarises instrumental tracks such as Wax Suckas
(Decline), Dead Doldrums and Red Dreaded
Stepchild, in a way that the most seasoned beatmakers
like Cut Chemist, Mr Scruff and Luke Vibert can
beguile. With an extra smattering of Herbie
Hancock-esque progression, charm and soul, it all adds
up to an impossibly endearing album. An album with a
social conscience at its heart, but never veering into
soapbox lecturing.

Never one to avoid an issue or confront a taboo Hogans
has carved an album that puts him at the forefront of
rappers with real lyrical ambition. Yes, his beats and
grooves are original, and his sounds are unusual, but
ultimately its his words and his delivery that marks
:Brownstudy out. He spouts potently intelligent and
honourable lyrics in tracks like the title Life Well
Lived, and Towards Improvement where the lyrics are
further maintained by a bed of indolent vocal loops.
For more impact, a sprinkling menace is called upon in
his words, but staying true to his playful character
it works to display his facetious and cheeky streak
perfectly. Tracks like Bitchslappin Motherfuckas To
Hell and Glorious Future are where the record
really harks to the warmly mischievous traits of
hip-hop, just like A Tribe Called Quest, Run DMC and
De La Soul. But nobody tells it how it is and how it
should be quite like :Brownstudy.

Eloquent and self deprecating, shot through with
insight and humour. Charismatic and critical. And self
critical. There isnt much to dislike about
:Brownstudy and Jason Hogans, and he is clearly onto
something in the pursuit to lead a Life Well Lived.


Peter And The Rooster - Planet E, 1999

Enjoy Detroit - Premier Cru, 2002

Tell Me More About Bubbles - Really Nice Recordings/Third Ear, 2005

Set List

Songs: Balance, Dancing For You, The Business Of Being A Square, Futility, All Aces, Amount Now Due. Usually several electronic instrumental pieces will make their way in, with a vocal or percussion freestyle for good measure. Typical set is 45 minutes to an hour long. No covers.