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Brownsville Station did an awesome job, really rocked the crowd. I believe everyone enjoyed their performance. What a great group of guys to work with, too bad all bands can't be as easy going & down -to-earth as they are!!!!! - Faith Nelson, Wetzel Motorcycle Club


WOW!! This new release from Brownville Station is great! Not a throw away on the entire CD. I always loved the energy of Brownsville and man it is still there. The music is tight and the lyrics are fresh and memorable. This body of work proves that Brownsville Station are still, "THE KINGS OF THE PARTY". - By Tedito68


With amazing musicianship, a NEW album out and a very energetic show, the band really connects their crowd to the heart and soul of rock 'n' roll through their music just like they did 30 years ago! Brownsville Station is A MUST SEE band/show for any true Rock 'n' Roll fan!! Very Entertaining and GREAT group of guys!!! " - Scott Cunningham, Associate Producer, Rick Modesitt & Associates, Inc. Charleston, WV.


2012 finally sees the return of Brownsville Station with a superb new thirteen track CD. The band were formed back in the late 60's and have released a number albums over the years and toured all over the place with some of rocks premier artists. They have been signed to massive labels such as Warner Bros and had numerous top 50 hits. The core of the band still consist of drummer Henry "H-Bomb" Weck, vocalist, bassist and guitarist Michael Lutz with guitarist Andy Patalan (of Sponge fame), guitarist Billy Craig and bassist Greg Beyer. Tim Patalan (bassist for Sponge) is executive producer whilst main production duties are from Michael and Henry.

This album has all the fundamentals I like about this style of music. Brownsville Station are one of those rare beasts where the music is diverse fresh and full of energy, thus making for a fun hard rockin' earthy record. A lot of care and attention has gone into the creation of the album, especially with the crisp slick production and the awesome album artwork sleeve. 'Still Smokin' has all the hallmarks that fans of this genre enjoy, it's varied in structure and you can hear a lot of different rock styles from classic rock, to Americana, country and blues rock, and it's easy to go through tracks suggesting this one sounds like so and so etc,, which they do, but they also have the bands own stamp on the song, which makes the album one of the albums of 2012.

The drum pumping 'Shakin' kicks off the album and it's classic vintage diesel flowing melodic hard rock all the way, the guitar work is great, it’s got a strong Sammy Hagar feel crossed with Bob Segar, John Cougar Mellenamp through to the Rolling Stones and a whole string of other influences. It's a fun track with a strong southern feel. 'Rock And Roll Is Better Than Music' is a sharp straight forward rocker a little Ted Nugent meets Bob Seger and even a little Bon Jovi. The chorus is catchy as hell with strong AC/DC style guitars. 'Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda' is a fun rocker with a melodic edge, a little Night Ranger in feel. 'My Friend Jack' goes for that honky tonk country feel. I love the dixie feel of this track, it’s got a John Cougar Mellencamp meets Bob Segar style swagger about it coupled with Bonnie Raitt and modern artists like Brad Paisley and Kenny Wayne Chesney, really good song. 'By Your Side' gets the feet tapping and is a cool catchy up-temp ditty, it's got a gritty twist to it a'ka Bachman Turner Overdrive and early Bryan Adams. This is a superb summery song. Another excellent track is 'Make A Difference', the chorus is dead catchy and the whole song has plenty of rock chops, it's one of those songs that back in the day could have been a hit. Turn the volume up when u play this track, melodic heaven with a southern edge. Next is a reworking of the bands best known cut 'Smokin' In The Boys Room', which everyone knows was covered by Motley Crue. This version is crunchy and as always full of swagger and fits nicely into this albums grooves, the band should consider re-releasing the single digitally to iTunes and other mediums.

'Busy Guy' has that vintage blues and Americana feel with a little 60's Brit pop/rock added, a little in style to Dylan, Allman Brothers, The Beatles, Dan Baird, Clapton and Aerosmith mashed in together. It's a fun ditty and one of the stand out cuts on the CD. The electric 'Already Gone' is super smooth catchy and melodic, very retro in style with strong chugging guitars and raspy Jagger like vocals. 'Someday, Somehow, Someway' is another standout cut, this track is smoother and more laid back a little Bryan Adams in style mixed with early Robert Palmer and hints of Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles. Next up is the awesome 'Ariel', this is an up-tempo hi-tech rocker with a great sing along chorus in the vein of Styx/REO Speedwagon meets 38 Special southern feel, the guitar work is gorgeous. This is one of the best tracks on the album, superb. 'Long Time Gone' has that Sammy Hagar feel mixed with John Cougar Mellencamp's a solid classic rock number. 'Rockin' The Universe' ends the album with the band firing on all ten cylinders, it's a fun rocker, catchy chorus cranking guitars and comes over in the vein of Styx.

There is so much to enjoy from this album. I'm really excited about this one, it's a strong diverse album that holds up all the way through, it's sounds fresh and full of energy and passion, musically it's all here, there is something for everyone to enjoy throughout 'Still Smokin'. Brownsville Station capture skill full playing, masterful song writing, and they stand out from the crowd and are s band who perform with feeling and style, very enjoyable release.


You’re Right, You guys are still SMOKIN'......I can't tell yah how many times my assistant Scott and I rocked out to you guys while shooting in the studio, on location during Harley Davidson projects....and even in NYC. Lots of flavor, style and power......Cub would have been proud I gotta believe. - Eric Perry Photography - Midcoast Studiov


When Slade first met Brownsville Station back in the ‘70’s..... We hit it off straight away, ( I’m sure that doesn’t happen very often between bands) Something special was there. Would you believe it’s still there today? ( longer than most marriages...) We had some great gigs together and in a fun way, we two bands kept each other on our toes... not in a competitive way, as there was a warmth for each other and that showed through in the, wonderful shows we played together.... Henery H’ Bomb Weck and myself have kept in touch since those memorable times.... For me to receive the guys new Still Smokin' CD is again, something I can’t explain... especially, “Smokin’ In The Boys Room 2012” (that’s were we came in)

The energy is still there (like from the ‘70’s) with great ‘rockin’ songs! (you should be proud guys.... I’m sure Cub would be for you...)
I play, Still Smokin’ all the, time in my car, I’ve been stopped by the Police, (not the band) many times and told to turn it down...... BUT, they can see how I’ve been getting off on the sounds...
SO,GUYS........ Be proud, It’s a, great piece of, work..... I’m so glad to still be part of you... - Don Powell (SLADE)


Just finished listening to the new Brownsville Station album, Man this album Rocks! Yeah!!!
From the first song " Shakin'" to the last "Rockin' the Universe". The sound is Great and the performances from Henry H-Bomb Weck and Michael Lutz, and the gang are as high energy as ever. Lutz’s vocals still sound in top shape.--with some old songs like "My Friend jack" and "Smokin' in the Boys Room" sounding fresh and new.
Still Smokin' is an album you need for your collection. I've been a fan for many years and this album stacks up with any old BS album any time. Great album! It's too bad we had to wait so long for a new album, but it sure was worth the wait. Some great rock tunes. Still Smokin' Rocks BIG TIME!
- Yvon Serre MIC Band, Toronto, Canada


The “boys” of Brownsville Station are back, as the core of the band’s classic lineup, bassist/guitarist Mike Lutz and drummer Henry “H-Bomb” Weck, reunite to summon the skronky, party spirit that made ‘70s platters like Yeah! and School Punks such timeless pleasures. A barrage of hard knuckled riffs and punchy power chords delivered at top volume, Still Smokin' is the resurrection you’ve been waiting for. - Bob Mehr Commercial Appeal, Memphis, TN


I first met the Brownsville guys in 1969, and had the honor of working with their management team through 1978…………always a great live band, with a super high-energy show. This new CD is absolutely fantastic! H-Bomb is pounding the skins like no one else, and Lutz is singing better that ever! A great tribute to the “real” music they made back then, but with a sound and energy that fits right in with what’s going on now!
- Ray Shelide APA-Nashville


Smokin' In The Boys Room
Still Smokin'
High Five
A Night On The Town
School Punks
Motor City Connection
Brownsville Station
Air Special



Brownsville Station™ was formed in the late Sixties by members Michael Lutz, Cub Koda, Tony Driggins, later adding Henry “H-Bomb” Weck to their talented roster. In their early days, the band toured with the likes of John Mayall and Alice Cooper.

“Back in those days if you had a top 50 single that was something – we had six top 50 singles,” says Lutz. The band famously played to over 350,000 fans in Puerto Rico for the Mar y Sol Festival, but “Smoking in the Boy’s Room,” co-written by Lutz and the late Cub Koda, took the band to the top of bills at massive rock festivals and Madison Square Garden. Brownsville Station’s camera–friendly antics were featured on television shows like In Concert and Midnight Special but they drew the line at appearing on American Bandstand when the show requested that Michael Lutz change the form-fitting outfit that was his trademark.

Today, the group has added three new players, Andy Patalan, Greg Beyer and Billy Craig, and has recorded a project of really rockin' new songs currently available on iTunes, Still Smokin’. They’re ready to unleash a revamped adrenaline-fueled show for 2013. “It’s been 30+ years since we’ve been out there, but it’s become obvious to us over the years that Brownsville Station™ might be more popular now than ever before,” says Lutz.