Brown vs Board

Brown vs Board



This Houston-based band’s energy and passion is reflected in their music. Each member of Brown vs. Board have different musical influences that are flawlessly blended together to create a sound that cannot be ignored. Brandon, who was recently added to the group, provides a foundation of earthy metal percussion. Brian creates funky baselines that make you want to close your eyes and open your mind to the lyrically thoughtful melodies of Gabe, the lead singer. Guitar solos interlaced by Miguel in the songs are technical enough to impress the most seasoned guitar player and are addictive enough to grab the attention of any crowd. Together they create a unique sound that strikes a balance between musicianship and listen ability.


1. Backrow
2. Today
3. Swagger of Trash
4. John Mayer
5. Air of Perfection
6. Ladies

Songs 1-4 listen or download at Songs 5 and 6 can be found on the audio section of our EPK.

Set List

All songs in our set list are original music. We have approximately an hour and ten minutes of material. Material can be adjusted to set length. Songs average four and a half to five minutes in length.