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"Enigmatic fledgling synth-pop outfit."
Music Broke My Bones

"Brøthers is [...] making music that seeks, at the very least, to move others past the feelings of stagnation that plague them." Indie Shuffle

"On 'Is This The End', they capture not only the attention of the human senses and beat programmed nerves but we will be damned if you are not chanting along with closing refrain of, 'cause everytime you sing I wonder if you mean it, and every time we sing it, we don't always believe it'"
Impose Magazine

"...It’s this hard-nosed insistence that a belief in something better must be an essential part of who we are...It’s a sentiment you can find echoed in 'Is This The End', triumphant synths and cracks in production combine to signify humans at the helm behind each note of the track."
The Sights and Sounds

"On Is This The End, we have a synth intro that has those ‘epic sounding’ chords, like something big is going to happen. This all leads into a toe tapping indie pop track that will likely make your ears happy." Pete Hates Music

"It’s always interesting when we receive an email with little more than a SoundCloud link and a cryptic reference to the identities of the band members. Here is what was submitted, 'Hello DaDaDa, We are Brøthers, a new band comprised of members who have been in other bands for a long time. We thought based on your tastes and interests in music that you might enjoy our debut effort, ‘We Are Pushing On’.' Well Brøthers, you’re right, we like it. We really like it."

"We Are Pushing On [is] a giant, uplifting electro-pop smash that will make Passion Pit fans quite ecstatic. Complete, with a sing-along chorus that everyone in all walks of life can get together and shout at the top of their lungs, this isn't just infectious, but realistic as well." Hand Clap Movement
"The song [We Are Pushing On] is a heavy slice of modern electronica, with a chorus that channels the best, more pop orientated aspects of Passion Pit. They may be a group reluctant to give anything away about themselves at this stage, but that doesn't mean that they haven't given us any talking points. They just seem happy enough to let their music speak for itself." The Metaphorical Boat

Brøthers is a band comprised of members who have been in other bands for a long time. Choosing to remain in proverbial shadows, and behind closed doors as far as revealing any personal information or identity, Brøthers released their debut single, We Are Pushing On at the tail end of 2012. Released via Soundcloud as a free download, the song quickly garnered attention from Indie Shuffle, the BIRP! Playlist, Indie Rock Playlist, and many other notable blogs and Indie Media. In March, they followed up the success of We Are Pushing On with yet another single released on their Soundcloud, Is This The End, which was immediately swooped up for a double premiere through Indie Shuffle and Chicago blog, The Sights and Sounds. Currently amid recording their first full-length album, Brøthers seems to be building some fascinating anticipation, and is more interested in knowing what you think of what is being said and heard than anything else.


We Are Pushing On - Single - Soundcloud Free Download. Premiered: Dec. 2012 on BIRP! Playlist

Is This The End - Single - Soundcloud Free Download.
Premiered: March 2013 on Indie Shuffle and The Sights and Sounds