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Wake Up

Written By: Bruce F. Cole

Walker's a liar (as if you didn't know)
He's got the CIA, He's got the CEO's,
He's got the Pathology to pull of the scam:
"Ain't nothin' to it if you follow the Plan!"

R.B.'s a burglar but nobody cares
He took the money and he ran up the stairs
He's in the White House hangin' out with the law
'Cause you can't be accused of what nobody saw.

Good Gawd, you better wake up!

Some multi-mega company just bought up all the news
The wars/whores come on at six o'clock, they's just the tools they use
You say that Mr. Orwell was wrong about the date?
I guess I could agree with that: the poor old boy was late!

Good Gawd, you better wake up!

Ronnie's a gunner, he's hungry for meat
He's heard the word that's goin' down on the street
He wants revenge and he wants it now:
He's pullin down a bead on the Sacred Cow!

Good Gawd, you better wake up!

Jorge's a renegade, there's blood on his hands
Oil in his arteries and cyanide inside his glands;
There's bullets in ballots on bodies--the lawyers are startin' to freak--
So, YOU want another War? You gotta wait another week!

Good Gawd, you better wake up