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Local Boys

Written By: Bruce Dalzell/ Jon Loomis

I am in love with the waitress
At the Bluebird Cafe
But she ain't got time
For all my noise.
I'd sell my soul
To take her out Saturday
She won't hardly talk to Local Boys
Way down by the riverside
Coal trains rush right by
We used to go down there
with all our high school beauty queens
Throw our empty bottles
in the dark rolling waters
Wishing we'd go floating with them
Down to New Orleans

I heard from Billy Joe
He's living in LA
Says he's got a job there he enjoys
He said Shaky Jim met Jesus
In a burning Chevrolet
Guess I'm all that's left of Local Boys

There's a number in the ashtray
Bottle on the floor
I'm all duded up in
My new corduroy
This town don't rock
The way it used to anymore
Guess the same thing happens
To Local Boys

The Stuff of Dreams

Written By: Bruce Dalzell

I was waiting on my order
At the local pizza parlor
Perusing the flyers papering the wall
The chineese auction,
the marching band concert,
The missing teenager made my heart start to fall.
But in the reflection
of the humming pop cooler
A familiar shape
Stepping out of a car.
The same easy grace,
The same trim figure.
All the miles and years later
My God, here you are

Darlene, you are the stuff of
A young man's dream.
Darlene, I'm not quite as old
As I may seem.

You used to sell those bagels
At the stand on the corner
And I would drive around the block
The last time I saw you
You were ten moths pregnant
I thought the glow of your face
Would sunburn me.
Chorus....tonight I feel seventeen.
Oh I know there are spouses
Kids and complicated lives
But just for a moment

I am working on the problem
Doing the research
How to harness the power
From the light of a smile.
Hey Mr. Nobel
in case you're not certain
She could light up Stockholm
For quite a while.
Chorus....tell me what does this dream mean
..... I may see you next time I sleep