Bruce Gerrish

Bruce Gerrish

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Written By: Bruce Gerrish, SOCAN

© 2011 Bruce Gerrish, SOCAN

Verse 1
Another day without you, you're so far from my sight
And I've been wondering how I could show you a sign
So i'm sending out a signal with this old flashlight
Hopin you'll see my message in the stars tonight. Cause baby...

I'm just trying to get a little sign to you
But I can't really tell if my light is shining through
If you turn toward the West, look up to in the sky you will know
You're here in my heart, even though were far apart tonight

Verse 2
The weather here is changing, leaves fallin, starting to rain
Seems like nothing ever really stays the same
We held each other's hearts all summer long
But we both knew come September you'd be gone, now


Starlight, star bright,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish I'm wishing tonight.

Verse 3
You're out there somewhere so I'll just keep on trying
Hopin’ that you're gazing at the stars from time to time
And if you're looking close enough maybe you will see
And this little light I shine tonight will lead you back to me.