Bruce John T

Bruce John T


Acoustic Fingerstyle Solos I mostly play a mix of Blues, Classical, Rock, Bluegrass, Some Slide acoustic guitar and some swing and jazz but not a whole lot of jazz and not on my current CD!


I try to create as much tones an effects on the guitar that makes me sound warm and provacative!
I have been playing guitar for quite a few years and have developed my own style and tunes while utilizing guitar effects in the sound of my tunes


I am just going to radio airplay the first track on over 700 radio stations and dig station currently at the present time. I am just starting out so this is going to be a slow process. I am now on I Tunes , cdbaby, Rhaspody, and a host of numerous places such as myspace, snowcap and other great digital companies.

Set List

I usually play 2 sets about 8 songs the first set and 8 songs the second set. I'll probably cover half the CD in both sets while mixing it up with other songs from various artists to keep the crowd interested and not loose them.