Bruce Lucy

Bruce Lucy

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Bruce Lucy is hard to pin down but easy to love - a product of the band’s distinctive style and influences - bands like The Pixies, The Strokes, and David Bowie. Their concerts are an off-the-wall, off-the-cuff experience filled with cross-dressing, clashing characters, and a heavy load of rock.


Upon the release of David Bowie’s Aladdin Sane, Ben Gerson wrote, “The seeming contradictions intrinsic to this album and the body of the last four albums are exasperating, yet the outlines are sufficiently legible to establish the records…as reworkings of the same obsessions.”

Following this ideal, Bruce Lucy makes music that is filled with apparent contradictions and an obsessive love of rock and roll. Their set covers a wide range of sounds, and each song is a product of the band’s unique style and distinctive influences. Their dynamic range and explosive energy, as well as much of Foster's vocal work, are a testament to their love of The Pixies. Their sassy backups and Gina's raunchy guitar work are a throwback to the glam days of David Bowie. Traces of Iggy Pop can be heard in the bands heavier side and edgy live performances, and their driving rhythms and melodic writing tie in more modern influences like The Strokes. While rooted in the sounds of bands they love, Bruce Lucy has created music that is truly their own. Their live shows are also a huge part of what makes the band memorable. Each performance is a display of the band’s musicianship and tight center as well as their off-the-cuff, off-the-wall style – an experience filled with cross-dressing, clashing personalities, and a heavy load of rock. In August of 2010, they began working on their first LP, an as-yet-untitled collection of full-length songs and smaller framing pieces that they hope will encompass the full extent of their sonic range. The album is slated to come out in the spring or early summer of this year.

Bruce Lucy was formed in September of 2007 by keyboardist and lead singer Foster Longo. Foster began his classical piano training at age seven. At 16, he became a student at the Philly School of Rock, where he met future band-mates Gina Gleason (with whom he shared an overwhelming passion for glam rock) and Ashley Smith (with whom he shared a fondness for makeup). While on a tour with his first band, Foster met Josh Phillips, who shared an interest in mustaches. When away from the band, Foster writes music for other projects and short films, and continues to study classical music at Temple University.

Gina "Gigi" Gleason spends as much of her waking life as she can playing guitar and performs with a number of projects in and around Philly. She tours the globe playing guitar with various bands (most of which are metal). On the rare occasion that Gina is not practicing her shred skills, she can be found painting along to the Bob Ross Joy of painting series or cuddling.

Josh Phillips started playing percussion when he was 10, performing in his school’s marching band. His transition into rock music began with his first band in the 8th grade – a guitar/drums duo that only played “Satisfaction” (resulting in a life-long oath to never perform covers). When not percussionizing, Josh is busy watching and making movies.

Originally a trio, the band went bass-less for two years. In the summer of 2009, Ashley Smith added her bassy prowess to the mix and upgraded Bruce Lucy into a quartet. Originally a clarinetist, she began her bass career in the 5th grade, but Ashley didn’t start singing for another 4 years because of her shy and quiet tendencies. Now her soulful stylings can be heard as the “lead” backup singer in the band. She spends her free time searching for new hair products, the perfect pair of shoes, and pictures of puppies.

As a quartet, they create tight arrangements beginning with a catchy chord progression and ending with a song that illuminates a part of each individual member’s abilities. A song usually begins when either keyboardist Foster or Gina creates a distinctive and sick-nasty chord progression. Then, Ashley and Josh combine forces to create a rhythmic foundation that no one can resist. Once the core is established, Gina helps to develop the song’s unique character by adding a heavy lead line, a clean and twangy melody, or a rad, rippin’ solo. Foster’s visually inspired lyrics bring the song to life, but no song is finished without a top layer of vocal harmonies. The result is a sound that’s hard to pin down but easy to love.



Written By: Foster Longo

I had a terrible dream last night
Lost both my hands in a bar fight
And when I woke in the hospital
From beside me my hands spoke,

"You fool look what you have done now
You have such stories left to tell."

So I scooped them up and made for the door
But they said, "We're not yours anymore."
A nurse said, "Just calm down there son,
And let me tell you how this is done

You can't keep what you lost.
No it's just gone."

I took my hands and I went downtown
To my surprise, saw wholes all around
All my friends were missing parts
And following a man with a cart, he said,

"Here, son, take these two microphones
Hold them up to your wrist bones
You can not keep your hands it's true
But that don't mean you can't take something new."

With my new hands, and my old close behind
I moved ahead as a crowd formed in line
My old hands clapped as my new ones rang
The sweetest lies to them I sang, I said,

"You can keep what you lost
It just comes at a cost
And if you can still pay
You can make anything stay
No, nothing's gone."

I went to see you by the old truck bin
To shoot the shit, and stick it in.
Blood on your hands, and blood on your eyes
Blood in the skies, and blood on my thighs. You said,

"Those hands you once called your own,
They have lost all of your control.
When you kept them you made a slack,
Now you can never have me back."

I knew what to do, and what to find
I'd snuff the old with the rage in my mind.
But from behind me those hands they crept,
and whispered to me as they snapped my neck, they said,

"You can't keep what you've lost.
No it's just gone."


Written By: Foster Longo

Were we born brothers, or is it something we made,
in the field of wheat stalks as we lay?
And I saw the union of plant and beast.
And your face without borders hung above me,
struck by some immortal hand.
Did you love me more?
Did you give more deeply?
Drawing from something whole,
my hands did not know.

I feel shame,
but I am not sorry.
And since that day I see
clearly defined borders.
And I way lay down grids,
and I will raise up squares.
And live in circles with sharp edges.

Fresh Prince

Written By: Foster Longo

In the morning I found, as the sun came 'round
A shattered boy, affixed in sound.
"Take my hand," he spoke,
"Set the wood I'll make it sliced."
With one quick chop, we gave our lives.

Oh Davey, hand me your hatchet
Give it to me
Count your days as they're numbered
One, two, and three
Watch the sunset from my porch swing
But watch what you see
Plot the charts to your downfall
Fall into me

In the evening I found, as the sun came down
My ears were filled with the spell he spoke
Twisted root, shells of snails, and cigarettes all mixed in parts
To make me sleep, to still my heart

Oh Davey, I lost your hatchet
When you gave it to me.
I threw it out into the deep woods,
where I could not see
No running out, no great adventures,
none more for me.
In the dusk we said forever,
but when will that be?

Set List

Show Me Yours
Spring Break
Fresh Prince

Our sets run generally between a half-hour and an hour. We do not play covers.