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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Boston Globe"

"Marshall's songwriting is sure and his performance strong"

- Jules Becker

"Boston Globe"

"Marshall’s music is excellent. With well placed original songs, Marshall is a brawling belter."

- Steve Morse


"The only Yankee I’ve ever let in my band, Bruce sings his butt off and writes some great tunes as well. "Human Race" is beautiful, a song we plan to record."

- Toy Caldwell


2003 "Kalispell", The new 15 song studio CD featuring 11 new originals by Bruce, combining impeccable songcraft and musicianship over a vast sonic palette.

2000 "Montgomery and Marshall", At the Capitol Center, opening for BB. King. CD on atm records

1998 "Treated and Released" CD from live radio show "Blues Deluxe" WJUL. Acoustic trio w/ D. Cournoyer, B. Marshall, M. Pollock

1997 Bruce Marshall Group "Sneak Preview" 15 song CD on ATM Records. 8 new studio cuts and 7 live cuts.

1995 Montgomery & Marshall "LIVE" on ATM Records, 2 CD set performed by James Montgomery & Bruce Marshall.

1994 "Powerload Rok Sampler" on Krystal Rose Music, CD featuring Bruce Marshall Group song "Snakeskin Boots"

1993 "Best of Boston Music Showcase Volume #1" on Mentor Records, Cd featuring the Bruce Marshall Group song "A Man Like Me"

1992 "Love of the Ride" on ATM Records, 10 song CD performed by the Bruce Marshall Group including a cut with Toy Caldwell

1990 Toy Caldwell Band on GFM Productions, 4 song cassette featuring Bruce Marshall's "Welcome to the Human Race", and a co-write "Texas on My Mind"

1988 "If Dreams were Money" on ATM Records, a 4 song ERP cassette performed by Bruce Marshall & the Clue.

1988 "Boston Does the Beatles" on Fast Track Records, CD featuring Bruce Marshall & the Clue performing "I Call Your Name" (Lennon & McCartney)

1987 "Prove It" on ATM Records, EP (vinyl) performed by Bruce Marshall & the Clue

1986 "Call a Truce" on ATM Records, a cassette single featuring a duet performed by Bruce Marshall & the Clue and Amy Rome

1985 "Boston Rock & Roll Anthology Volume 5" on VAR Records, featuring Bruce Marshall & the Clues's "Special Delivery"

1984 "Not That Kind of Man" on ATM Records, a cassette single performed by Bruce Marshall & the Clue

1984 "Jeanie Jumped" on ATM Records, a cassette single performed by Bruce Marshall & the Clue. Also appeared re-mixed on 1987's "Prove It"

1983 "Boston Rock & Roll Anthology Volume 2" on VAR Records, featuring Bruce Marshall


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Bruce Marshall Group formed in 1991 and has been performing and recording steadily throughout the New England Region since their inception. On the road for most of the 80's with Bruce Marshall and the Clue, Bruce took a break from the band to join forces with Toy Caldwell of the Marshall Tucker Band, and toured and recorded with him in '89 and '90.
The Bruce Marshall Group emerged shortly thereafter and originally had an 8 pc. lineup that featured Bruce's sister, Sally Marshall Griffin on vocals, who continues to do select shows with the group.
The Bruce Marshall Group live show treats their fans to a soaring ride as they rip through a catalogue of original material that truly sets this band apart. They love to mix it up, whether its pulling off exciting jams that build with dynamics and layering, or playing the concise arrangements of their songs with discipline and restraint. The sound defies categorization, slipping seamlessly around touches of R & B, Rock, Country Blues and Southern Boogie. The newest 5 pc. lineup has taken the sound and musical direction to new heights and must be experienced live to be fully appreciated.

Lead Vocalist/Guitarist and chief songwriter Bruce Marshall has a keen eye for the human experience and an uncanny knack for creating songs you find yourself humming the next day. A powerful and expressive vocalist who can deliver the grit and conviction in the rock numbers and is also able to convey emotion and sensitivity needed to put across a ballad. Favors a melodic style of lead guitar rarely heard today and is very adept at intricate rhythm and lead passages while singing lead. Also featured on slide with his trademark steel body Dobro throughout the set, which has become a crowd favorite. Influences include Duane and Greg Allman, Van Morrison, Marvin Gaye.

Guitarist/ Vocalist Dave Cournoyer has earned a reputation for "coaxing seemingly impossible sounds from his instrument", and has mastered the art of re-inventing himself every night, almost never playing the same lick twice. Totally at ease with over the top solos or sweet subtle lines, he possesses a soaring vibrato and builds his solos from a whisper to a scream. With a myriad of sounds at his disposal, David has a gift for creating just the right parts for the original material. He never fails to mesmerize the crowd and truly is the group's "secret weapon". He's taken his slide work to another level. Sings lead and backup vocals, joined the group in 1995. Formerly with The Shittons, The Vex, and The Rubies. Influences include Hendrix, Beck, and Clapton.

Multi-talented John Donahoe adds color and texture to the group on Tenor and Alto Sax, Fiddle, and Mandolin. John's support lines and blistering solos are a major part of the excitement of the live show and helps define the group's unique sound. His sax work really sells the blues/R & B material and the fiddle is great in the country blues numbers. It's fun to watch crowd reaction as he lays down one of his smokin' sax solos and then picks up the fiddle and proceeds to blow the roof off the joint! The mandolin is a nice touch and meshes beautifully with guitar and dobro. John also supplies back up vocals. Joined the group in 1999, formerly with the Boogaloo Swamis. Influences include John Luc- Ponty, Sting, Santana.

Jeff Majeau anchors the group on bass and has the rare ability to play with restraint and understatement while driving the band to a fever pitch. A consummate professional, he creates the perfect bass lines for the original songs, totally at ease with swing, shuffles and straight ahead rock and always plays with the utmost sense of taste and dynamics consistently night after night. Jeff has developed a unique "stand up" sound (due in part to the fretless Rick Turner bass) that works so well with the rest of the uncoventional lineup. Just when you thought you heard him do it all, he cuts loose during a solo feature and takes you to the next level. Truly enjoys playing music and conveys that on stage, joined the group in 1999, formerly with The Cliph Band.

Pete Premo is the most recent addition to the band. He's been playing drums for over 30 years. He began studying the rudiments and reading at the age of 10 and then began formal classical percussion training at 15. At age 19 he attended Berklee College of Music where he majored in Percussion and Audio Recording. He later continued his education elsewhere and got a Bachelors degree in Electronic Engineering which eventually led to his becoming an Acoustics Engineer at the Bose Corporation. Pete has had vast experience playing in a variety of musical genres from jazz, to classical, to blues and rock. Some of his prior gigs were with Tornado Alley, The Blind Tiger Swing Posse, The Cliph Band, Affirmation, Blues Food, Chet Williamson, and Big Town Blues. He has also shared the stage with Luther "Guitar" Johnson, The Fools, and James Montgomery.

Drummer and Per