Bruce Middle Group

Bruce Middle Group


We are a traditional jazz guitar trio. We have been compared to Pat Metheny,Weather Report and John Scofield. Bruce is the primary composer/arranger in the group. Our performances include original works as well as a wide variety of music from Blues, Jazz, Latin and Rock.


Bruce Middle Group is a high energy guitar trio who has performed throughout the Baltimore/Washington and Richmond regions since 1990. The Group has racked up 11 WAMA (Washington Area Music Association) nominations including: Best Jazz Group; Best Album; Best Jazz Guitarist.
The latest release, The Bruce Middle Group LIVE recorded at the 219 club in Alexandria, Virginia includes works by Bruce Middle, Pat Metheny, Wayne Shorter, Frank Foster and Fain & Hilliard. “Our fans have asked us for years to release an album that includes songs by our favorite artists”. Their diverse musical backgrounds employ elements of Be Bop, World Beat, Blues, Country Swing and Rock. They have often been compared to Pat Metheny, Chick Corea Electric Band, Dixie Dreggs, The Allman Brothers and Weather Report. The arrangements are open and fresh. There are no studio tricks here. This is a straight forward recording (from various performances) using a stereo mic and a DAT recorder, reminisent of the early Blue Note recordings.


Cleve Francis and Friends, Live at The Birchmere
Bruce Middle Group Live at The 219 Club
Modern Jazz Discs MJD 25346.77452/2005
Destination Christmas
Mount Ararat Baptist Church,Bruce Middle Composer/Producer 2004;2005
Knee Deep In The Marsh
Roger Aldridge 2004
Worship At The Mount
MABC001 2003
I Open My Heart
Carol Joy Loeb 2003
Rise Above
Boogiehawg BH5692 2001
Maiden America
The Deacons, DEA 1002 1999
Imani and First Prayer, IFP 0197 1998
Time of Love
Maria Gonzalez, Nazca Records NCDR 34148 1998
On Holiday
the Bruce Middle Group 1993
Far & Beyond
The Bruce Middle Group 1991

Set List

Sets range from 60-120 minutes in length. We mix orignal with cover tunes depending on the event. Below is a small sampling of the more than 200 songs in our repertoire.

On Holiday- Middle
Allison- Middle
Far & Beyond - Middle
RCFK - Middle
Reflections - Middle
As The Sun Slowly Sets - Middle
Synthetic Lude - Mitchell,Boberg, Middle
Ocean Mist - Middle
Opus 239 - Middle
A Night In St. Croix - Middle
My Bundle of Joy - Middle
JD Highway - Middle
Do You See What I hear - Middle
New Blues - Middle
Take Me With You - Middle
Bright Size Life - Metheny
Phase Dance - Metheny
Sea Journey - Corea
Footprints - Shorter
Alice In Wonderland - Fain & Hilliard
How Insensitive - Jobim
Caravan - Ellington
Simone - Foster
Once, I Had A Secret Love - Fain & Webster
Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise - Romberg & O.Hammerstein
Bessie's Blues - Coltrane
Europa - Santana